Stitching Old & (almost) New Together

004I was given a handful of really old collars by my girlfriend almost a year ago (thank you Sorcha!) and finally I have decided to put them to use, and started by performing stitch-work surgery to one of my favorite thrift shop finds, a linen jacket shirt with a ruffle at the bottom and big shell buttons. First I took the top button off, turned in and stitched down the high narrow collarless shirt to the dimensions of the lacework collar…

Then I pinned the hem of the collar  just inside the edge of the shirt…


Then simply whip-stitched the two things together and then turned the collar out, without ironing,  so it has that lofty personality of the collar…. and voila !

004The thing is , these few antique collars have cast a magic spell on me as I am in love with the -old-fashioned ritual of hand-stitching on a hand-made collar on to not-so-new clothing.  I just can’t imagine what might blossom from this seed, except that with this old collar I now have …

” Something Old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue. “

outfit for wedding

Hey! I’m getting married tomorrow!

6 thoughts on “Stitching Old & (almost) New Together

    • I am hooked on collars Liz ! I have seen the ‘independent’ collar worn as jewelry even, so I know that collars by themselves are in full swing now. I have in mind doing the old-fashioned collar replacement on many of my shirts, possibly even try a matching cuff. Imagine collar switch-out for the occasion. Blue check gets stitched on or ivory lace… depending on the mood. I am on a thing here, and I hope you’ll join me 🙂

  1. This is so sweet (but without being soppy)! I think that classic is a better word. I love wearing things that are unique.

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