One More…

jenjoycedesign©T&T in Rowan Fine TweedOne more Tartan & Tweed Tam knit before the pattern goes up.

Knit in Rowan Fine Tweed, posted about previously here, and it is fine indeed!

jenjoycedesign©tam with Rowan Fine TweedNow I am going to do one last little Tartan & Tweed  “spring thing”  to add to my impressive mountain of Tartan & Tweed before the Vernal Equinox. Off to cast on whilst hiking the mountain …

2 thoughts on “One More…

    • Hi Morrie. Thanks. However, I am not convinced that single ply is at all good for a Fair Isle look… something about the 2ply yarns work better. But yeah, I do like the colorway , it’s the same as on the toque 🙂 xx

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