Yarn Tasting: Simply Wool

Another great addition to Knit Pick’s colossal array of yarns, Simply Wool is spun from wool grown in a century-old sustainable way in the Highlands of Peru, it comes in six shades undyed natural fleece colors blends, in both worsted and bulky weights. Having worked with Wool Of The Andes, a Peruvian Highland wool from corriedale-merino cross breed of sheep, Simply Wool is noted on the website as  ‘eco wool’  but that is not describing how or to what extent the wool itself is different from Wool Of The Andes.  I’d say much softer than Wool Of The Andes,  what I’d expect from an un-dyed and minimally processed wool, and it comes in 100g skeins.

I am creating a fine lace-weight in this supreme all-natural yarn,  which started from a ball of worsted weight in light grey . jenjoycedesign© Simply Wool skein.JPG

With drop spindle I deconstructed the soft wool exactly as in this tutorial post , and after a couple of days unplying here and there, finally this morning I spliced all the single plies end-to-end on the swift and felt it to be a major accomplishment that I am very pleased with!

jenjoycedesign© simply wool unspun 3

I am not over-dying this big skein in a simmer dye bath, as I want it to be au natural, the whole point of buying Simply Wool, aside from the ecological consideration, so I just gave the skein of energized single ply off of the swift a warm bath and a hot rinse to carefully but slightly felt the yarn to set the twist as it will remain for the rest of its days a single ply, in a stole of a particular design in mind. So I’ll see how this yarn knits up in a day or so!

Right now I’ve got it speed drying on a baseboard heater, hoping to have it re-skeined by the end of the day so I can cast on for more insane lace knitting!

9 thoughts on “Yarn Tasting: Simply Wool

  1. I love the thought process driving this. Really wonderful.
    I am due a spinning lesson with a Guru when I return from my Ghost-Town!!
    Can’t wait.
    Gorgeous work. Congratulations.
    Karin (AKA The Knitting Man Recommends…)

    • Karin I just get goosebumps thinking about you wafting through the old ghost town in very possibly scorching high summer heat, with the golden fields swaying fragrantly, touching a beautiful nerve straight to your heart. Miles and miles to knit still, in a sea …lost…. drifting… stitches driving my pulse!

      • Oh Honey, what beautiful words. And indeed it was the very scorching heat of summer. So unrelentingly hot. And yes the nerves to my heart were indeed touched. And continue to be.
        A sea of grass is a wonderful place to be and, how wonderful it is, to be knitting my own ocean of golden beauty than to be lost in that dark sea of grief.
        This is where knitting and words prove their transformative worth!!!
        And how beautiful it is to think of stitches as the pulse of one’s heart.

    • Wendy, can you believe one of the colors is called ” Wendy”? Its the second to the lightest. I love this yarn, it makes such a soft fabric! xx

    • I am hooked on Unspun, who knows what will become of me and this crazy habit! In the tunnel, knitting with no light ahead yet. I am visualizing being done with a pile of 3 or 4 pieces. 🙂 xxx

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