Winding Off

Taking literally hours to wind off the 100g skeins of fingering weight yarn, 6 skeins at 462 yards each, and in the time I’ve done this, my creative ungenius has been tangled in the briar. I have changed course three times; first thinking “what was I thinking buying fingering weight for two spring sweaters to knit by the end of March ?!”  I then derailed and set the yarn aside, consider returning, buy new DK weight or …. or what the hell.

Then I decided that I can get past this obstacle.  I thought it a brainstorm of genius to just ‘duh’,  double up the yarn and go double-knitting style.  I then knit up a swatch. Big diappointment, whereas a yarn which is too fine to knit up a sweater, when double’d up becomes too thick. Frustration sets in, derailing again, and all right before bed (after a previous night staying up late for a Burns Supper in Yountville).

I decided once more to give my original intention a better chance,  wondering “can I really knit off two  six-plus-stitches-per-inch sweaters for each of my two nieces by the Vernal Equinox???  I rationalized in another ‘duh’ moment, that not only will they be springy  little sweater tee’s,  that means no sleeves, saving me nearly half the knitting time.   The brilliance was coming back into my vision, remembering loose gauge , light, feathery fabric ~ what I call seasonal gauging ~  so why not swatch on size #6 needles for fingering weight?  Nice, it could work.

Then I begin to realize that a sleeveless seamless yoke type sweater is really already a complete ‘sweater tee’ on it’s own , just add arm bands, and I might get away with not even havign to graft at the underarm join! Rapturous epiphanies of all these corners cut, I went to bed with edgings of a very light and airy sweater tee , and dreamed through the night about vikkel braid stitches and i-cords and even picot turned edges.

I’m back on the using singles , and winding off skeins.  I will cast on this morning for sure, mark my words, and I will let these little spring tee’s be what they want to be. 

4 thoughts on “Winding Off

  1. You go girl! Seems as though you have come full circle and have it all worked out in your head. Can’t wait to see your gorgeous creations in a couple of months. 🙂


  2. Exactly what everyone said…but most of all, I love your creativity in winding up yarn LOL Lazy me…I am fortunate to have a swift 😀 If you want one, I can get one 1/2 the price. Just let me know when you are in the market for one. So did you cast on yet?

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