jenjoycedesign© tam scraps

Good morning !   My day was started early this morning finishing the last rounds of the tam, and doing all the finish work, and left with a minimal pile of trimmings for the birds’ nests , as I was able to carry the yarns upward as I went, making very little in the way of ends to weave in.  Now the tam is blocking to dry, inside-out, with many pins to shape it into a slightly taut disc, which later will be turned outside-out and steamed  ever so gently to set the fabric and soften the brim crease.

jenjoycedesign© blocking tam inside out

I have had so much enjoyment designing and knitting this tam that I’m thinking I need to allow myself another tam to design, you know,  just binge with it for a while.  Nevertheless  I am almost done with it, and as it has been quite warm lately,  I am hoping it will be dry and ready for a photo later today . . . and you know what that means?

In a blink this tam pattern will be ready to fly!

jenjoycedesign© blocking tam

8 thoughts on “Almost

  1. Love the acorns. I’m all about the oak these days. A symbol of strength, abundance, endurance and protection it is the sacred tree of the Druids.
    (I usually block my tams over dinner plates.) Lovely design, Jen. XXOO

    • Moz, I am certain among pro tam knitters the plate blocking is a debate. I read somewhere (or maybe by pure experience?) that by pinning and not pulling the opening over the diameter of the plate, preserves the elasticity of the band. Had you heard that debate anywhere, or am I just imagining? Incidentally, not one of the plates I own is the correct diameter, so I devised the many pins on the blocking board to be my favorite method for a classic disc-shaped tam. The long scrunchy style, or other, wouldn’t work well this method tho. xx

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