I have got a new thing I’m letting fly on the needles, in rustic alluring Icelandic Lettlopi yarn.  I am going back to a design idea from several years ago, with yarn I happen to have had about eight balls of in my stash, that I bought about two years ago when we were living in the tiny house, but I just can’t remember what I got it for. Those days are very foggy in my memory. A bit of an anniversary has come and passed too; we have been living back home in our rebuilt house, for one year now, and as Jeff slowly finishes detail carpentry, each week that goes by we are closer to bringing together the raw edges of the rip across our lives from three years ago. I have now unpacked from a long last week of standing by ready to evacuate from Glass Fire, and trying to let things settle in again. Now cooler temperatures and increasing wetness is forecast “soon”, and I feel the Autumnal weather shifting a little bit, just enough that I feel a kind of relaxation taking over me, finally. And so in need because it has been a stressful summer of wildfire in California, and I need to shake it off, to tap into the abundance of quietude, striving to find the fulcrum point in my life of productivity and commit to that balance, letting all else slip away.

I’m now off for a walk with this lovely yarn and yarn body I’ve got going.

5 thoughts on “Quietude

  1. Jen your “new thing” is wonderful already. I am so relieved that you have unpacked from being prepared to evacuate. Those baskets are lovely. I am guessing that you have the baskets full of knitting items.

    • Thank you Wen, I’ve got to get back to replying to letters left hanging, and your last being one of them. I do have a lot of the Longaberger “ebay finds” , some are filled with WIP’s ( socks and the Fishwives lace, etc) crafty things, and some are not yet occupied. I packed loose random things in the spares when I was packing the car, and so now I must reorganize all the things and simplify the space in here.
      I hope you are enjoying your early Autumn! xx

  2. Jen, the new thing looks soft and warm, just the thing to help heal from the stress of watching another fire threaten. We are FINALLY getting loads of rain from the tropical storms. I hope you get some, too.

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