Morning knit-walk, and a new tune!

I’m going to go for a Walk & Knit , down this old logging road, as soon as I post this. Out my door, down this road, navigating over uneven rocky sections in road as I amble along, and that is while  k n i t t i n g  ! ! !  I’ve done it a few times already, and every time out the door it seems I think ” I should have my knitting “.  Some habits take a while to form. So this morning is my official ritual beginning of a Morning Knit & Walk and I’ll post photos of the scenery occasionally here on Yarnings.   This in theory should help me accomplish more knitting, even if done at a slower pace.

*    *    *

Lastly, I just finished recording the latest tune over at Johns . . .

6 thoughts on “Morning knit-walk, and a new tune!

  1. Thank you Martha, and well, I must still be careful. Not really the smartest thing to go on about, watch me show up with a black eye from tripping. Autumn in the North Bay of California is hot and dry, but cooling in the mornings a little, and the leaves of the Big Leaf Maple are beginning to fall. I’ll take photos .

  2. Right, well, let me tell you… this morning I got the yarn retracted in with the leash a few times before I figured how to keep it out of the way…lol. And when I dropped the ball o’ yarn and picked it up with leaf duff and dirt all over it, I thought … ” hmmm… can’t see it… it’s camouflaged in the tweed ! I guess that tweed must resemble one dragging their knitting along the ground , and rolling up with junk from the floor … lol 🙂

  3. I should have made a disclosure ” Do Not Attempt knitting while opperating machinery ! ” lol. Well, I am starting two tweed pullovers, a His & Hers and going to try EZ’s Hybrid Seamless Pullover ! I hope I don’t regret this.

  4. Thats awfully nice of you to share your knowledge with Yarnings MrCampbellScot. Greatly apreciated !!! I’d lay a big bill down to bet that wee hen Morrie already has that one, sHe has all the books. Oh, by the way, I cancelled the order on the Cornish sweaters and smocks which was Morrie’s link… my guilty over-spending conscience got a hold of me . Maybe I’ll buy it later…when the guilt has worn off successfully 🙂

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