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Now that the posts & beams of the house are going up, I am in a creative mood about what will go inside the rooms.  A couple of days ago I found  this  old oak double bed frame, and I’m really enjoying fixing it up.  It is very solid,  relatively inexpensive and worth every bit of work I put into it.

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It will go in the Loft Room, replacing an old tarnished brass bed I had forever, but I have convinced myself that I love this much better than the old one, for I love the feel of wood, so sensual and natural.
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I spent several hours scrubbing every surface with #0000 (finest) steel wool and a beeswax citrus cleaner, scrubbing off a layer of dirt & old lacquer,  resulting in a satin finish with golden oak highlights! Although it could use another scrubbing, I am reticent for I don’t want to lose the depth of patina in the grain & crevasses.

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A few cracks in the posts and flakes lifted from the veneer of the side boards, but I am absolutely totally in love with it.  I will be looking for old quilts now to dress it with, perhaps making another someday, but for now I am envisioning blocking out lace stoles the whole length of it!

18 thoughts on “Four Posts

    • Right, and perhaps just a nice futon mattress? I am worried that the new mattresses will be too big and boxy, so maybe the futon with one (or two) plush mattress covers, an ~~ white sheets ~~ and no bed skirt. I want it to be a little bit primitive looking. xx

    • Collecting treasures indeed, however not too many, as I am ready to be quite happy with far fewer. I’m so ready to have a more minimalist ‘primitive’ house now. xx

      • Jen, your answer made me remember the blog post from two years ago! I loved your photos so much, because they showed such a deeply calmness…….
        Here is what we written: (it touches me so much – especially as we know now, how life turns around 180° , upside down)

        SEPTEMBER 7, 2016 AT 3:44 PM
        Fantastic !
        This room looks so good, as well as your knitting and of course the videos!
        Wouldn’t it be wonderful, to have more often empty spaces, which want to be filled with creativity ?!

        SEPTEMBER 7, 2016 AT 3:54 PM
        Petra hello! I am excited about talking about knitting in a room that is empty except for the chair and yarns and well, coffee of course. It felt so quenching and nearly spiritual to look up from my knitting and see only clean newly painted walls the color of natural wool, and wood colored floor the color of brown wool. A room in or apart from the house to be filled with only creative feelings and thoughts about the needle work, it felt so connected to the ancient process without clutter of modern things around me to remind me of the present.

  1. Gorgeous. I think you are right to resist another scrub.
    The golden highlights glow beautifully against the darker hidden colours.
    Congratulations on this next amazing step!!!

    • Karin, so nice of you to peek in here and join in the cheering on! Revering the beauty of the Plain & Simple life. That is what I long for now ~ a quiet recluse of a nearly primitive lifestyle. xx

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