Timberframe! Part Two


The first rafters.

About a week ago I posted first of the posts & beams in Timberframe!   I think the most photogenic and magical part of building a timberframe house is when the posts & beams go together,  against a hopeful blue sky.


Most days have had thick smoke in the air from yet another dreadful wildfire northeast of Napa County,  but yesterday the breeze shifted and some blue sky was showing, and the tops of many of the trees are somewhat healthy looking in spite of their charred trunks.


The timberframe should be finished this week and I am already totally and completely in love with our new house.


Watch this space for old familiar interior shots, as next the house will become enclosed, racing the clock as rain is expected next weekend.

♥    ♥    ♥

See all posts about our building our timberframe house HERE.

11 thoughts on “Timberframe! Part Two

    • Hi Wen! Thank you, it is so exciting. I was just up taking photos and it appears the new plans differ slightly from the original, but the crew are so accommodating to make it as the original. Apologies if I had left our last lace correspondence up in the air, and that I’ve been rather incognito on Ravelry recently, but I just now picked up my lace stole after having to set it down for about four days or so. Half way through it, going to rattle off to the finish now! Lets hope I can get the new design submitted before the end of November, for a real mark of gratitude and giving thanks. xx

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