Ten at a time . . . gussets.

jenjoycedesign© ten gussets 2
Ten at a time gussets have been knit.

Here is the pile of ten unique socks,  ready to knit the foot sections next . . .
jenjoycedesign© ten gussets
The gusset of a sock is a really the most fun part in my opinion, where all the chaos of the heel flap, turn, and picking up selvedge stitches is finished, and it brings the stitch count back to original, ready for a straight run to the toe.

jenjoycedesign© ten gussets 3.JPG

And it could not be more apropos that there are ten days left to May, including today, and to finish my ten socks and submit forthcoming sock pattern extravaganza by June 1st is my goal.  I am committed to this sock knitting “May”nia, and won’t be able to do much of anything else but knit these little dears and polish up the pattern.  I’ll be making my last ten-at-a-time post when I am ready for the toes, in the last days of May ~~ see you then!

7 thoughts on “Ten at a time . . . gussets.

  1. Why are you still writing? Get to work, woman! 😉 The ten are gorgeous and your knitting is so precise and even. Congratulations on your progress so far. Now I’ll be quiet so that you can let your needles and yarn fly into a blur. You’ve got some very quick work to do! And that you will!

  2. They just look so fantastic!
    You are on fire!
    I’m still huffing and puffing at the kindling at the moment ( I hope this is not a bad analogy… an inflammatory one!!)…
    It’s wonderful to see
    Love to your wee mob and
    keep going!!!

  3. Jen, your sock knitting “May” nia is just amazing. I am sure that you will finish up the socks very soon. I look forward to knitting your latest pattern. 🙂

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