A day of days!

jenjoycedesign© after the rain 3
I’m in a robust mood this morning early,   a beautiful golden sunrise through the glistening air of recent days of rain.   Right now the forest is alive with promise!
jenjoycedesign© after the rain 2
Ignore the charred black trunks, because what is going on beneath the surface is nothing less than a miracle.    I want to emulate the forest, and allow myself to sprout renewed growth from such a vibrant place within, the place of true life .  
jenjoycedesign© after the rain 1
In the mood to step outside with camera and capture the moment, vivid as it can be; the wildlife stirring,   Emma napping quite oblivious to it,   the knitting trail ready to be worked & walked .    What a day of days! 
jenjoycedesign© after the rain 6

A couple cups of rich strong French Roast and I am ready for the day!

jenjoycedesign© after the rain 4

If good moods are contagious, I hope everyone out there is feeling the day as wonderful as this.

12 thoughts on “A day of days!

  1. Your photos are beautiful. I love the way the light is coming through the trees. Emma looks very content.

    It is a wonderful day here, a bit cool though.

    • Thanks Wen. I do love the golden sunrise on the mountain, and look forward to the light streaming in through the kitchen window of the rebuilt house, a real magical treat. I love the cool, bring it on, let it be cool all the way to next Autumn here. (( anything which suppresses the dryness )). News for you is that I believe I will finish the Ten Socks soon, get a proper gauge from them, then send you El PDF ! 🙂 xx

  2. Jen, I am astounded at the resilience of Nature and her ceaseless resolve to renew. You, too, seem to exhibit that same basic tendency. Beautiful! Thank you! Also, please give Emma an especially good scratching around her lovely head. I’m sure that she is taking extra good care of you!

    • Hi Peggy, I did indeed, give Emma that head scratch from you! The forest benefits so much from all this rain, and so I am happy about that. Thank you, xx

  3. Jen, thanks for sharing your morning beautyness! As Wendy said, the photos are amazing and lovely Emma in her “my car is my castle”! So sweet and peaceful!
    it’s already evening here, and Northern Germany enjoyed a sunny spring day, while the south is soaked with heavy rain.
    looking forward to the next impressions of your regrowing forest 🌲🐝🌳

    • Danke Petra, and the best treat of the rain is that the new species of Black Elderberry (I did research, those plants are elderberry) will be growing to 6 feet before the spring is over! I’ll have to learn how to make elderberry syrup from you, but I’d just as readily give the berries to the birds. So happy to hear you’re having some sunny days. xx

      • Oh really! Elderberry….. Such an easy solution for a big wondering what it might be 😅 wonderful
        And yes please, make a gift to the birds and let them enjoy any berry which will grow in the reawakening woods 🕊️

  4. I’m feelin’ it! I am going to go swim a couple thousand meters and feel the energy within come to the surface and rejuvenate me. Your post is perfectly timed as I have not been feeling myself lately. Thanks for the beautiful photos and the glorious inspiration! 🙂

    • Yay Virginia, swim those meters! I ended up bonfiring the whole day, great big dead manzanitas near the garden. Defensible Space is what we call it here in fire hazard country, and that is my hard work. But ever since my wipe-out two months ago, my upper arm has been so sore and slowing me down in the hard work. I know I shouldn’t but I work through it, and just take ibuprofen. Today rain again, then I have work to do on a certain sock design to finish 😉 xx

  5. You said it perfectly, There is nothing like being in the forest, especially after a rain. The smell undescribable to me. I can just stand there and take it in. Wishing it would be like that everyday. Great photos.

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