Meet the Feet & Hands!

jenjoycedesign© feet & hands 3

These sock and mitts blockers are outstanding in quality and workmanship, they are made from a woodworker from Ukraine, and I recommend them one-hundred percent if you’re looking to get some. They can be found on Etsy at Alex Workshop Design.   As for the mitt blockers, so lovely, and just look at the way the thumbs tie on so that you can slide the mitten or glove over the palm & fingers with ease, then slip the thumb in last.

jenjoycedesign© hand

I am already envisioning my next glove design, and am pretty excited about my new blockers.  I felt purchasing some proper blockers to photograph my knitwear accessories was just bound to happen eventually.   Abelene is just over the moon about the new Feet & Hands by the way,  and just can’t wait until I dress them up with forthcoming socks, and future mitts & gloves!

♥    ♥    ♥

House Update Addendum

I am shifting gears for future Jenjoyce Design Studio Loft (a.k.a guest room, lol)  move-in date.  A lot of backstory, some of you have followed the details since the wildfire, but rather than get bogged down in that mire, I’d like to focus on the positives.  I long to be hyper productive as I remember I was two years ago at this time, with everything I needed at my fingertips, and know I will be again, as soon as I get my  crafty gear up to the house, even if it is woefully unfinished workspace, I know time flies and I can establish a new level of productivity.  Oh, the latest photos of  the loft . . .


The subfloor still is not in place, but the roof is on and windows all in!  My old friends Light & Shadow are taking over the house already, playing their magic among the beams.


As soon as the drywall for this room is finished, plastered & painted, I am moving my gear and the furniture I’ve collected for this space IN. Jeff agrees that is okay, so with fingers crossed that might be in June? Forget the final inspection sign-off and full move-in, as Jeff and I are left with a heap of work after our builders are finished with theirs, bumping the official house move-in until who knows when, as late as late Autumn. Jeff is so overwhelmed with his workload from his job and the house, so I really have to ease up on forecasting anything. All I can do is be positive about this one room, remain in good spirits and be ready to hit the ground running as they say.

Some photos from the archives of the original loft room . . .


From the Archives: ” Objects de Arte


From the Archives: ” My Knitting Companion

 My familiar old space back then, again soon to be, and I have decided it is good if I post often about the progress of The Loft, even if the rest of the house progress is going slow, so expect addendums to be more frequent.  I have far less stuff now, of course, and am visualizing the room to be kitted out with the essentials  only, and I’m so looking forward to seeing that develop minimally.

Signing off with a massive spring downpour of rain!

6 thoughts on “Meet the Feet & Hands!

  1. love the hands and feet, Abilene must be over the moon – she can walk and hold things!

    as for your crafty lovely room, June is less than a month away, I am so pleased you can move things in there. It will help you feel less cramped and crowded in the tiny house, and more settled and organized in your creative world. It’s a big step and the start of many more small and large steps to come.

    I chuckled at the saw in the living room and splinters from the subfloor. Oh, I remember well those days at my house. It gets done somehow.

  2. These are all beautiful positives.
    You hold on to them and fly!
    You are already! I know you hit the deck from time to time but you are aloft more times than not.
    And truly your productivity is already amazing…
    Sending love

  3. The light! Oh my goodness, I love the light in your home. Our old home has many windows and huge old maple trees all around it and the morning and evening light is amazing. Your home, with it many windows and lush woods, is just glorious. Enjoy each moment as it happens and before you know it the new will be old and all that made your previous home cozy and warm will be even better in your new home.

    I have a question about the blockers. How does the wet gloves or socks affect the wood finish? They are really works of art so I’m wondering if they lose that luster over time by actually using them. I guess we’ll all find out soon enough.

    Enjoy the rain. I’m sick of it here in PA but I don’t complain because it makes me think of you. So I’m just grateful. V

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