New Loft (( progress ))

jenjoycedesign© loft room progress 2 I have just been up to the house and its a lovely morning to photograph the new loft room progress, after the sheetrock has started. I am so pleased about this beautiful space, and I think it may even be more lovely than before, as there are a couple improvements made.  I am completely obsessed about this room, and work space to be!   ((click 1st image to go to slideshow))

Do you recognize that ledge, on which I took so many photos of knitted things and yarns? I just wanted to post these photos, but its time to get back to my frantic sock knitting, but thanks everybody for your comments, and I promise to be talkative again on the flipside of my sock-knitting May-nia.

9 thoughts on “New Loft (( progress ))

    • Thank you so much, I like Walking With Emma as a name too! I can’t help but feel positive now that this space which I mourned the most after the wildfire, is coming back into my life. Stand by! xx

    • Well, the room itself is going to get most of the attention now, not the rest of the house… as I finish this room myself, the rest of the house may stay in slower progress, because as you know, I am determined to get back to this space and be productive in it. xx

    • Virginia, its the northern light through the roof, which seems to be the calm, and the southern light through the other side which is full of driving energy, and to me that is what makes the feel of the house so wonderful . I am excited. In fact, I find it difficult to knit on ‘the ten socks’. The pattern is ready though. I can not handle any pressure in my life these days, so I relieve myself of deadline. I have to breathe, and walk, and knit too, but I don’t need any silence with impending deadlines, so back to my chatty self. xx

    • Sarah, this room nears completion because I’ve decided to move my work things back in, all I need is one outlet ready (that it has, because as you can see, the house has been partly energized) but the rest of the house I will ignore, it will take some time still before it is ready for the final. But that is not stopping me and my plans to be productive! xx

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