Dorset Buttons

jenjoycedesign©Dorset Buttons
Here I present (finally) my best work thus far making Dorset Buttons. They are not my invention, nay, but an old-as-the-hills needle craft technique of a sort of tapestry wrapping of yarn or thread around rings, and spokes inside the rings, which once upon a time were made of real bone. I have for a long time wanted to experiment with them, and now I’ve nearly had my fill, yet,  I just want to make more because they are so fascinating and addictive !

These are made of a rustic heathered 2ply pure wool, Jamiesons of Shetland Spindrift , and I think they resemble petite four cakes a little. Or marzipan. I have enjoyed building up the centers in mine, the ‘hub’, especially here are two smaller ones, 1/2″ in diameter.


Medium sizes. 3/4″ , in one, two, and three colors.


I have some rings which are 1″ and I am tempted to carry on , and on, and on, but I must stop this frivolous past-time of winding yarn around rings, even if I am merely striving to perfect a most simple and practical style, I must bring this all to it’s fruition now, and present my own tutorial on these.  Why?  Well because you’ll be seeing these buttons on more designs of mine which are in the working.

For now, I have begun to view these little things as the basis for artful button making and the answer to quandary of the hand-knit sweater faced with the task of hunting for just-the-right buttons. Never again will I have to settle for less than a perfect match.

plastic rings

Edit In:  I have made a tutorial on my own variation of a Dorset Button, which can be viewed in my Tips From The Table HERE

12 thoughts on “Dorset Buttons

    • Hi Liz, I am particularly pleased with a wholesome ‘simple’ way, and with heathered rustic wool yarn. I took to winding the middle (the hub) of the wheel up more, a lot more, before doing the spokes. Especially in the little ones, it’s almost all the middle, looks like a little piece of marzipan !

    • Thanks Morrie ! We still have to have our dorset-button-making together, but looks like this next week is totally busy. The week after that? 🙂 xx

    • Hello ! Right, I wonder about that too. However, I have wound those rings very tightly, and I just don’t see how they could destruct very fast. Alternatively, one can always remake a button easily enough which has become threadbare, or replace with regular buttons, or one could make one or two extra.

        • Oh but of course ! In fact, the most immaculate Dorset Buttons would be made out of very strong embroidery floss or cotton or silk. Thanks for your imput ! 🙂

  1. I have a cardigan that is waiting for just the right button. I think I’ve found the buttons for my cardigan.:) Thanks Jen, for reminding me about these.

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