Apple Blossoms

jenjoycedesign©apple blossom

We have an apple tree in our garden which has just begun to bloom, and for me that is very exciting!  There is a lot going on all at once, so there will be a flurry of posts forthcoming, I just wanted to break the silence and show off a little bit of springtime which is present here full tilt. I hope you are all enjoying yourselves in the midst of blossoms !

4 thoughts on “Apple Blossoms

    • Hi Lizzi ~~ I posted this pinkish cheer with you in mind. 🙂
      When do you normally see your apples blossom there in the Borders of Scotland?

    • Oh yes, thats the best part for sure ! Well, maybe picking a beautifully ripe apple and biting into it before it can blink maybe a close second? 🙂

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