16 thoughts on “Foggy

      • Autumnal Equinox here we come. I can’t believe August is almost done. Then we gotta get through that “anniversary” that we have (evacuation). We really should hunker down and do something profound on that day to dispel its power. What do you think?

    • Hello Iris! The burned trees look great in the misty fog, don’t they? Everything is okay, for now no fires threatening us in Napa, and I’m getting lots of knitting done. I hope you are cozy and happy in your Paradise Island with the power back on! (( but I know, things are not back to normal for you yet, are they? ))

    • Kelly!!! I apologize for the pause between your comment and my reply; yes, new lace on the needles, but on a race against time now that I’ve been slapped with the realization that Autumn Sweaters 2018 are just around the bend. I’ve been slacking, but now its time to work on two things at once (( you know the feeling, right? ~ xx

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