Knitting on a bridge…

jenjoycedesign© knitting on a bridge!

Jeff has built a bridge from logs he salvaged from the loggers’ waste, and he hoisted them cross across the small gully which heads over to the garden in now what I am calling “the path of least resistance” with planks nailed to the top from old boards, it is an excellent & rustic installment to the woods and I am super pleased with it!    I helped only minimally, as I did the original “wedding bridge” which was burned in the wildfire.  A new bridge & my sooty knitting trail has of this morning been improved inexpressibly for the better!  Emma inspected & approved…



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There eventually will be builders at work making their presence felt in my quiet seclusion, and this lovely little bridge continues me my private trail out to the garden without having to walk up the road  to the house where the chaos will be going on, and down to the garden from there.  Planning ahead brilliantly!  A short-cut to the garden, a bridge to bliss, a bridge across difficult terrain, so metaphorical.  The garden is life, and inspires me in its quiet little way with bees bobbing about, fluttering butterflies, and small little birds bathing in various bowls and cups sitting about, as well as a fat wild dove flocks bombing about on occasion… tall seedy foxgloves still standing through the perpetual heat.  I chase away the drought with my series of old-timey sprinklers, sitting beside them in the mist as I soak in the moist air and knit. It is a very rustic & secluded spot of calm, where one is really fairly hidden away.

I am trying to settle into a productive life of a busy recluse, and I have been thinking about  things. Post trauma disorder has changed things a bit.  I will very likely never get over that day of wildfire, for at that time forward  is etched into the rhythm of how I experience life, and its injury as much a part of me now as anything could be.  That blink of time when I hurriedly drove off in my car with Emma,  my mandolin, recordings of my music compositions, a small box of photos, and a few clothes, my computer, and a tote full of my needles & favorite yarns to keep me busy in the days following — while instantly regretting other things which I forgot, so much from my life.  Those things which seemed to define me were suddenly gone, especially those rooms, spaces which were integral to my happiness.

But let me tell you how I’ve been thinking about things,  about feeling glad and comfortable with realizing that the only real thing I can ever own, and the only thing which defines me,  are my accomplishments. So that is why I strive to live the busy life of a hermit in newly built hermitage, and the rooms will be far less cluttered and intriguingly sparse, so that I can build on my accomplishments.  My family, and short list of close friends will allow me this reclusive life.     I would like to add that I appreciate all of my pen friends from around the globe with whom I have kept company and shared my days in a more secluded way, I am ever so immensely grateful to my knitting fraternity!

♥  ♥  ♥


5 thoughts on “Knitting on a bridge…

  1. Bridges speak! Their messages are innumerable, sweet and practical. They speak of beauty, love and care. They carry promises, hope and curiosity of what is ahead. Most bridges are man made to reach further into nature and landscape. And we appreciate bridges so much- and your bridge is this token of love from Jeff.
    I also had a little bridge from my husband to make walks easier across a stream- and I like it so much!

    • Yvonne, how nice we both have loved ones who build us bridges! I agree absolutely that bridges, benches, and all of that sort of thing is necessary furniture for a proper garden!

  2. Glad to see that you are moving forward with your life! Yeah, I know the fires in California are probably pretty scary for you right now. I would feel the same way.

    Every time I hear a siren, I always am sure that somebody is in deep trouble; thier house may be on fire, someone fell down a flight of stairs, a child fell out of a tree, or an elderly person maybe had a heart attack or stroke. Since any of those things could be my misfortune, I say a few prayers for them for comfort, wisdom and courage.

    Therefore I am saying prayers for you again. Be of good courage, my dear. Take a step at a time and do what you can to wet down the ground around your new little tiny house to help protect it as much as you can. Take time each day to take stock of the blessings you have and give thanks for them. Work earnestly to do what you can to help neighbors nearby and encourage them even as you encourage yourself.

    Bless your husband for making thst sweet little bridge. I know he must be tired of endlessly waiting for the insurance company, the construction company, the utility companies to all get back to you both and do what they say they will do.

    Bridges have always symbolized a gateway to adventure for me. I love covered bridges the best. Its nice to have a place to run to for cover when those sudden rain squalls hit while one is outside. 🤗

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