Every once in a while , I see my knitting against ‘just the right’ light , and I leap for the camera.  Sun rays streaming through the sky window and catching the dangling yarns , reminding me of a glistening web in the morning dewy sun beams.  This was one of those moments.  I am simply knitting Fair Isle work on still another, and third, pattern prototype mitt, trying to keep the yarns from tangling, while I knit standing up.

20 thoughts on “Untangled

    • Hi Kelly… aye, Virtual Yarns seem to have sun beams spun into it anyway ! I love your new profile photo of you and your wee bonnie dug…. ‘Cullein’ ?

      Yes, I figured the same as the mountains on Skye. You are so special Miss MacLeod, to have such ancestry !

      • Awwww that’s lovely – thank you! Well, you’ll need to come and visit! I am very proud to be Scottish. I love my country. Consider yourself an honorary Scot! I have stuff here to send out to you. I haven’t forgotten. Was going to do it last week but my aunt in Connecticut’s house burned to the ground so I’ve been busy trying to replace photo’s, get copies of birth certificates etc to help her out.

        Cuilean. It’s Scottish Gaelic for little hound. It’s pronounced the same way as the cuillins in the isle of Skye at my ancestral home (dunvegan castle). 🙂

        My wee dug is my wean! 😉

  1. I looked into Virtual Yarns and they are gorgeous skeins. The sunlight really shows them off, too. Nice photography, caught them in a sunbeam.

    • Martha, soon I will have this Shetland/Hebridean yarn pattern written, but had a setback, causing me to knit over another size before I write a single word of a pattern. You might be ready for Fair Isle knitting by the time I’m finally ready.

    • Less Is More is my motto.. but somewhere along the way, I’m hoping to have More is More, in the way of a knitting product 🙂 Held back a bit by a setback, going to have to knit over another mitt or two .

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