Tartan & Tweed


Folks, I’ve just finished my latest design concept to date. It is  tartan-inspired, Fair Isle knitted, and I am naming it  “Tartan & Tweed” !

… and  here is a pair of Tartan & Tweed Mitts . . .


The very interesting thing is that the Shetland wool ‘fuses’ to itself so well that I’m not worried the short floats will catch on anything.  Other yarns, yes … Shetland yarn, not.  The best part of this project is that I am nearly done with the pattern for it, and will be directing you very soon as to how you may get started on your very own Tartan & Tweed knitted mitts !!!

Project details on Ravelry HERE

23 thoughts on “Tartan & Tweed

    • Oh Debbie… I’m so excited myself. For a long time I’ve been in love with tartan, and with tweed, and just so happens this Fair Isle motif speaks so loudly “TARTAN”. Then … I turned it inside out… and there you have it… screaming “TWEED” !!! I have to confess, I totally surprised myself… it truely told me what it wanted to be.

  1. As we were sitting around talking about Tartan’s on Friday and sorting through our wool skeins last Saturday you kept talking about taking the design tartan! It’s brilliant, Hen!

  2. These are incrediblily yummy! I ‘m excited that they can be reversible:)) Cannot wait for my shetland yarns to come. My son is teasing me that “Sheep mail” is very slow from the Shetland Islands. (This is the same son who asks if mohair is what yoru get from mowing the grass,haha!)

  3. I’m impressed. Very impressed. Is a Campbell tartan variant in the design stage and being prototyped in your knitting lab as we speak? Good luck with writing the PDF pattern, I know you can do it Jen. You’re a tenacious wee bear when you need to be.

  4. You are just far too clever. this project is inspired – on so many levels.
    1 Tartan
    2 Tweed
    3 Easy to follow pattern
    4 (Almost) instant results
    5 Infinite colour combinations
    6 Too much fun

    • Wow, Lizzi, thank you for pointing it all out for me !!! I think you’re right, I think I will include that very list on the pattern description (which I’m writing right now !)

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