Tartan & Tweed Fair Isle Mitts Pattern !

jenjoycedesign©Tartan&Tweed Fair Isle Mitts

Thirty-Six hours ago I went into my little pattern-writing cave, bid good-bye to the world, barely noticed the light snowfall we had yesterday, let the house turn to squalor (happens fast with a German Shedder for a housemate, who by the way, was giving me the sad-eye the whole time as we didn’t walk one bit),  the clouds rolled on by, the wind blew, earth circled the sun, and I drank colossal amount of tea, and lavishing my appetite with mostly shortbread (which I bake regularly!)  So, well friends, I just crawled out of my cave. Two. Days. Later.

Wrestling with technically precise words is not my sport of choice nor talent forte, but I’ll tell you , if it weren’t for Morrie at the other end of the chitty-chatty box in gmail and even the phone numerous amounts of times ~~~ I never would have lasted in that dark & scary cave.  So first of all,  thank you  Morrie, for your abundant editing genius,  and your effervescent good humor.

Second of all, I want to thank Lizzi, for her convincing me I could be a real knitter, write a real pattern, and even be a real designer.  Liz, you’re right,  I can be as self-doubting as I am use to being, but then I’ll just go ahead and do it anyway, and be proud about it too.   So Lizzi ~~ ” well done you ! ”

Now I’ll mention lastly, that the first ever paid-for pattern for 2 bux is for sale on Ravelry.  Hmm… I feel a little old-fashioned asking two dollars for a pattern which took me (and lets not forget Morrie) two days to write.  But hey !  I am good with that !

So here she is,  shyly sitting in the shadows like a wallflower among great designers and pattern-writers ~ over yonder in Ravelry ~   the pattern for sale.

(Oh, and yes, that is my Really Red Fair Isle cardigan & tam the mitts are cozied up to !)

13 thoughts on “Tartan & Tweed Fair Isle Mitts Pattern !

  1. Oh…I would (and will) so gladly pay two dollars for this FAB pattern…and to support your designing henceforth. You go girl. Congratulations. This is HUGE!!!! txo

    • Awwww, thank you Debbie !!! Unfortunately , there are a couple of paypal hurdles to get over before it can be downloaded, as it is my first paid-for pattern, but I think tomorrow we’ll be good to go , and business doors can open. 🙂 Thanks again, for all your lovely support. xx

  2. I always knew you could do it Jen. Congratulations on achieving this huge milestone in your career. I couldn’t be more pleased for you and wish you every success. Oh and I adore the mitts, I being a massive fan of your “Really Red” series of designs.

  3. Congratulations! This is great news. They are so cute, and sophisticated at the same time. I love the colors you used. This is a real step in your designing direction, and I think you debuted with a great pattern!

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