A Birthday Satchel


What do I have here ?  A knitted & felted satchel of course. (Yes, knit almost entirely while walking.) It is a birthday present for my sister-in-law Patricia.  In mere minutes I’m going to drive up to St. Helena to meet at the Napa Valley Coffee Roasting Company, where we will have our cafe latte’s and I will give it to her.  Afterward we always hit our favorite thrift shop ’round the corner.  Actually,  this satchel is completely reversible.

Happy Birthday Patricia !


14 thoughts on “A Birthday Satchel

    • Lize, thank you . She was thrilled actually, as you know, I have pour’d hand-made on her daughters relentlessly, and even my brother (her husband), but this time she was so pleased to have been made something. And I did find a nice fresh ,,, nearly ‘Louiser’ blouse at the thrift shop. 🙂

  1. I just looked on google to see what St. Helena looks like and it seems to be a charming pretty town. So lets see…. a friend to meet, a delightful gift to give and a pretty town and area to visit plus fun shopping! A perfect day’s outing. Have a wonderful time.

    • Thanks Carol. Oh, St Helena is POSH . The poshest of all the valley towns by a long-shot. But there’s a couple little spots out of the way of the tourists… that thrift shop for one. 🙂 We did have fun.

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