Chaltén Beret : The Pattern

Chalten3I talked at length in previous post the inspiration behind this design, which I’ve named Chaltén Beret. Now with my lovely nieces having modelled in an absolutely stellar photo shoot yesterday, against the stone walls of a gothic Catholic church in St. Helena, with an intriguing landscape of grasses…. 053 I am finally ready to present to you the pattern !  You can find it on Yarnings HERE … or in Ravelry HERE. Either way, I hope that you knit it, and try out making the adorable chuflines (tassels) , because believe me, they are the most fun that I’ve had in a long time.

Eldest Niece is modelling the pattern prototype with dos chuflines, knit in Jamiesons Spindrift  (details can be found for this project on Ravelry project here, and Youngest Niece is modelling (a slightly larger) pre-prototype version with un chuflín, knit in Alice Starmore Hebridean 2ply yarn (details can be found on Ravelry project over here. Lastly, I have made a step-by-step photo tutorial on , found on my Tips From The Table on  How to make a “chuflín” tassel. Now I will leave you with many more great moments from our photo shoot yesterday…

Now, if you haven’t yet read the  PREVIOUS POST   about the inspiration and name-sake of this design, then you really must, as it really is such  a very spectacular  & special place, you’ll want to knit the beret!

jenjoycedesign©Chaltén Beret 2 - Copy

14 thoughts on “Chaltén Beret : The Pattern

    • Thank you so very much, and I appreciate your saying so. I really worked tirelessly on this project ~~ it was a little deviation from getting started on my nieces Autumn sweaters…lol. Anyway, they are growing so fast, and furiously (the youngest niece is already as tall as me this spring!) and I have nothing more in my life that I prefer other than to have a photo session with them with something I’ve designed, as my nieces are my true inspiration in learning to be an Indie Knitwear Designer. 🙂 xx

    • Carol… I just couldn’t wait for you to see this post !!! I knew you’d appreciate the sweet girls’ allure for the design. The wide, double thick ear-muff-like band pulled down makes it a really warm hat. ( I may have really blown it though, presenting this in the middle of SUMMER…. I hope that it isn’t completely forgotten by fall. ) Thank you for your commentary, it is afterall, a part of it all. 🙂 xx

      • The time is just perfect for Autumn. All of the fall magazines are hitting the stands now, it takes a lead time to have things made for the new season and a beret is the best sized project for warm weather!

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