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jenjoycedesign© Christmas-at-Oakville-grocery

I’m feeling the magic of the holiday tickle softly,  like a snowflake flurrying down and landing on my nose.  The contemplative spirit of Winter Solstice coming soon is always a cheerful time for me.

jenjoycedesign© Oakville-grocery

After sending off the last of the Christmas packages in the tiny post office in the back, I spent a pleasant half hour at my favorite social spot, while the sky darkened and the rain began to fall. In my opinion this place really does have the best brew in the valley . . .

jenjoycedesign© knitting&coffee-at-Oakville-grocery

In the warmth of a bustling cafe, watching through the window the door opening and closing and opening again while I knit several rounds of lace.  Then without so much as a blink I’ll be heading up the mountain homeward in low gear up the Oakville Grade.

jenjoycedesign© knitting&coffee-at-Oakville-grocery2

jenjoycedesign© knitting&coffee-at-Oakville-grocery4

 I am just knitting through a flurry of last minute gifts . . .

what are you up to?

14 thoughts on “cafe knitting

  1. Just gorgeous! So happy to hear you radiating such optimism. I was there in that cafe with you. After near 20years of very isolated life I now have a town in which to enjoy a “scene”. A window, a coffee, some knitting and some people to watch is a blissful rediscovery!
    Happy Solstice. Like the wheel, the world also turns.
    And I have cast myself off across the Golden Fields of Summer…
    (although I do have to return to a steek and a 500+stitch i-cord bind off.

  2. Hey, Jen, glad to see you still enjoying life as only you can. Can’t say I’m a rain lover since it curtails my running and makes walking reel messy LOL. But as we Californians always remind each other, We Need the Rain yada yada lol.

    I’m not big on Dec 25th, but I am big on Dec. 21st… the pagan in me, the connection always to the living, breathing planet. Never asked you… you love starlight? I’m so into the stars, running under them, no, floating like a spirit. I’m always happiest when the moon planetoid is down, lol not watching me.

    Christmas time represents renewal and the preview to a new year beginning; no resolutions, but being open to new adventures, new ways of loving, welcoming all things different into my inner life. And yet the old times, old memories, old friends, remain essential to my life.

    Always wishing you and Jeff good health and happiness.

    • Thank you for your words in the little box, they brings texture & dimension to the place. For me holidays have become more of a knee-jerk to sentiments of life and community, the scents and familiar decorations which come out near the Winter Solstice. I think Autumnal equinox use to be my favorite, but now too many fires around that time, so my new favorite is Winter Solstice! It is a lovely clearing of the slate for me. This year I feel a refreshing lack of pull into society (this post sharing the one place I do enjoy stopping in to), and I seem to be settling from the big wildfire shake-up, craving quiet solitary days of my hermitage, and being okay with that! Who doesn’t love starlight? I do not like the fuller moon either, as it stirs up hormones which awash me with anxiety, preferring the stillest and darkest of nights, when I tend to sleep deeper.
      Living in the Tiny House has made me more sedentary than ever in my life, and for that reason, I don’t recommend one as the best living space, I crave a few rooms to move between!

    • Thanks Gretchen. The rain is really coming down now too. The sunset was surreal this morning, the bright sun was a neon light strip against a black sky. Its been hovering there, the rain cloud layer, for hours, now is letting loose!

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