day five . . .

Day 1: Leaving the litter has got to be a difficult day for a dog. The puppy is disoriented and tentative, and we humans are so overly careful about not making any mistakes, ever, and wake up reeling the next day with a horrible night of little sleep (see previous post) Day 2: Reinventing the wheel and trying to remember the whole art of puppy rearing, like stumbling in the pitch dark through an unfamiliar and messy room, the whole day preoccupied with haphazard attempts to have order and a schedule, humbly aware of the sixteen year gap since Emma was a puppy. Oh! And Juno loves being in the garden! Day 3: Early morning I nursed my cup of coffee, opened my planner with pen in hand, a habit I’ve been forming since the start of the year, with lists of creative ideas and work to do — and I just went blank seeing the irony of it all (of making plans) — I guffawed, closed the planner, and shoved it aside. Day 4: Juno has transformed into her true self, puppy switched fully ON, having her territory established, her humans trained, and being the Queen of Everything. Alternately a shark wiggling all over the place following its teeth, then passed out a tired lump at my feet, and somewhere in between, undoubtedly contemplative moments, where she’s mapping it all out with the finely honed instinct of a shepherd. The first week(s) have got to be the hardest. Day 5: Morning . . . a blur, no photos since day 1, so I thought to take and post a few, as she is 10 weeks old today. This morning I am facing the reality that not much focused or complicated knitting is likely to get done for a while, and grateful I had finished several weighty hibernating works-in-progress up to this point. Also realizing that since Juno arrived I have gotten into a strange divergence of making instant coffee in the day, through measured moments of short puppy walks, lurching interrupted attempts to get things done, but blissful, grateful and satisfied knowing that unrelenting “being busy” is what I need. It is nice to feel the presence of Emma’s things as they are handed down to Juno, her squirrel toy, rolly kibble dispensing (orange) ball, water dish, some bedding & blankets, flexi leash . . . her lovingly used things. And I’m feeling the impulse to get chatty with the commenters, and writing much more than I have felt like doing for a long time.

13 thoughts on “day five . . .

    • Puppy licks and a nip to you, with wild eyes of surprise and tail wagging…. I was hoping you’d say that. Actually, I have been thinking it would be fun for us to do a drive down the mountain together in the Rav, just to BVMarket and you could be with her in the car or walk her about while I run in and get some groceries. 😀

  1. You are right, Jen❤️Puppy time is tough but fun. We had forgotten that, too. The liveliness and short naps for a puppy make days short. Not much time for anything else. But after 18 months Juno will be a calm, self confident happy and lovely young adult, like Sigge. So much fun into our lives!
    Of course we sometime wonder why did we get this labradoodle- but we quickly forget those thoughts when out in the forests enjoying Sigge’s company.
    Simply- life with a dog is a rich one😀

    • Ah, Sigge, a Labradoodle!!! They’re a completely awesome hybrid, probably the most popular dog these days. Must be so smart and a real companion. Is Sigge male or female? I apologize if you told me months ago when you got Sigge, but I’d been rather bogged down with distraction and feeling covid blues until recently it seems.
      I hope everybody is doing well! We haven’t chatted for so long ~~ xx

      • ps. One of the reasons I am clueless about a lot is because about a year ago I quit all my social media, (not sure for how long) , only my blog and Ravelry remain.

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