Moon phase is Waning Crescent, and at 3.5 percent this very hour.  The Old Moon  quickly moves into the New Moon in less than twenty hours.   Symbolism attributed to this moon phase is a time of subconscious enlightenment giving way to conscious awakening of values.  Indeed, an event for me this morning, so ripe with meaning.  The waning crescent moon is about to seemingly disappear, when it is directly between the Earth and the Sun, hidden and obscured.

And I have felt obscuring in my life, without routine and wandering without confidence.   Where is my mothers skirt to cling to as I did when a child of the world?  We are all thrown out into the water at least once in life to test our instincts, and to strengthen that innate mechanism of survival.  I’ve been thrown into the water, and I have been lashing about for weeks and weeks,  lacking trust of my buoyant  inner self.

I crave to feel the presence of my  strong intuition,  and let my life develop here forward in a more fluid state, stroking instead of splashing, trusting instead of panicking over what is perpetually lost.


From here I stride away from the recent difficult experience …

and (hopefully) toward positiveness & creativity.

14 thoughts on “Intuitive

  1. To Princess-Little-Silver-Trout (out-of-water-for-the-nonce):

    SWIM ! ! You swim grandly. It’s your special-ity…another one. When the moon is hiding, the tide is weak, and the cosmic channels are wide open. DREAM ! !

    Love et al.,

  2. lovely Jen!
    Be patient and full of love for yourself!
    The great advantage being in our age is, we are able to grab ends of experiences in our lives, in which we have managed heavy tragedies, which we integrated and which strengthened us. Remembering what was helpfull in the past, will giude us to what is helpfull now.
    (Please excuse my writings, hope they make any sense……. it would be so much easier and I could find better matching words, in german…….. and as you know, I am writing this also depending on my own situaion, and could be my own daily mantra…..)
    hearty greetings from today sunny Hamburg, Yours Petra

    • Mein Petra, sisters through life’s challenges, we make each other stronger by just knowing about the other. The world would have a sad lack of shape if not for the space you occupy in it ! Danke ~~ xx

  3. Lovely to watch you write the narrative of your own recovery from this upheaval. The stories we shape from our lives determine our experiences, I am convinced, and I admire your resolution to welcome and inhabit all the changes and unknowns.

    • Laine , I am trying. Yoda says ‘ do not try ‘ … so I guess as yet I am unsure whether I am doing well with any resolve, but… yes… I am trying. Day to day. Thank you! xx

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