jenjoycedesign© new artful spaces

There is a whole different gait about me in this holding place.

jenjoycedesign© finished

Seeking out new photogenic sweet spots …

I look and look in this new place, and think there is nowhere artful …

jenjoycedesign© Autumn sweaters finished

 Then the sun only needs to fall a little and the angles of glowing light reveal it to me …

There are the same warm light and shadow like old friends …

Coming to visit for the afternoon.

jenjoycedesign© new things 1

Come friends, and sit at the table, and I will make tea in my new teapot. I am so glad you are not lost, but found again and again …

and every day.

♣    ♣     ♣

Oh, and the Autumn sweaters are finally finished. The sweaters were one of the few things I took with me when the fire came.  (( Thank you so very much Wendy for the buttons! ))  I hope to get them to my nieces soon, and experience their beautiful form & faces, and  those familiar places of Calistoga  … soon.

17 thoughts on “Artful

  1. Gorgeous sweaters for your nieces. Love your teapot it is very pretty. The sun makes everything glow.

    Love, Wendy xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  2. You have a flare for creating simplistic beauty. Only you could photograph the simplest forms and make it beautiful, warm, and welcoming.

    • Thank you Sorcha, but I feel the weakest I’ve felt in my whole entire life. But who knows~~ I can always hope that the house will come back to me and it will be a magical hermitage once again.

  3. It is raining cats & dogs this morning, not even light yet, but I hear it. Strange how rain sounds completely different down off the mountain…. lighter drops it seems, and the splash of cars and asphalt.

  4. Dearest Jen, everything you touch becomes poetry. Your sense for beauty and art in everyday life is outstanding. Find rest in short moments of light and shade, find creativity and imagination in those subtile objects you used to love. Immense amount of hugs to you./ Yvonne

    • Dearest Yvonne, oh thank you for your kindest words. I will do as you say, visit the light and shade and look deep into the chiaroscuro for inspiration. xx

  5. Here I am, for a tea break, back home ( already in the dark ) from work and had made myself a pot of ginger lemon tea.
    Prepared for recreation! Picking up my started “wee heart tam” , so could there be any more crossing with you right now….. Tea and wee hearts!
    Sending huge hearts, Petra

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