jenjoycedesign© new space

Fresh. Clean. Beginnings.

jenjoycedesign© new place

In a new place, a space to explore, and lay-about.

jenjoycedesign© new lay-abouts

Emma and I are sleuthing out comfort in this transition, doing alright but not brilliantly, as can be expected. I have not knit,  nor have I walked very much to speak of.    Life upside-down brings different perspectives for certain,   and as I find myself upside-down,   well then I am resolved to learning new angles on form and experience.    Its okay, I have no complaints  ….  except that I miss my home terribly and to have to wait for it to be rebuilt is something I can not embrace just yet.

We’re fine otherwise, and are contemplating a far more minimalist life-style.

I am so grateful for the flurry of  pattern sales from you supporters out there (the post Recovering) and those of you who gave to me loving good thoughts & prayers.  A few things which managed to come to us by gift from friends have been shaping this holding place, and it feels just a teensy bit homier now ~~ thank you!

Abelene Two just just arrived at the door   …  just in time to inspire me to knit something to drape on her lovely form.  And I still am grateful for cups of truly delicious fresh coffee.

Thank you to all of you who have left heart-full notes during & in the wake of the wildfire. Please forgive my silence, and please know that I am so very much appreciating your words, in a wordless time. Thank you.

20 thoughts on “Fresh

  1. Every where you go, you grace that place with your impeccable cleanliness and order. I think you must be the Wood Whisper, for the surfaces around you gleam and glow as if to please you. I am just now listening to the chorale parts of Beethoven’s 9th. It makes me wish I could sing in German. I was thinking of sending you a gift certificate for some yarn, Miss Babs, perhaps. Will you accept; do you prefer another vendor? Any one is fine with me. Or perhaps a company that also has equipment, the kind of equipment I know nothing about because they require your fairy touch. My boyfriend is in London. If you have recommendations for British, Irish or European fiber, tell me, so he can bring some back for the both of us. I hope you are “very well, I thank you.”

    with as much live as I can send from across hollow lands and hilly lands…

    • Dear Terry, you are the utmost! And today , having posted something fresh and hopeful, perhaps I am in a better mood. And yes, through dappled woods we walk until time and time is done, or something like that (four of my compositions have titles from lines in that poem!) …
      Now let me hunker with you at the email fence for particulars. 🙂

  2. Glad to hear you are coping. Hugs! I will keep the prayer chain going for you on my end.

    Looks like Abelene will help you get your knitting mojo going again. 🙂 Good for you, dear Jen. If you are up to it, your creative talents will hopefully help to make you feel at least a little more normal.

    More hugs, my dear. Being productive can be a good way to cope. I do that a lot myself.

    • Sheila , thank you. I feel I gave myself a solid month to be beaten down, now its time to try to get things done. Not feeling like knitting yet, but doing chores and ‘making a home’ , even if just a holding place, is important, as I’m such a nester!

  3. Dear Jen

    It is so lovely to hear from you. Sending lots more hugs your way and pats for Emma.

    Love, Wendy xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

    • Wendy, thank you for your warmth. I think that maybe getting Abelene out of her box and set up, will be good. There’s the three of us girls ~~ Abelene, Emma, and I ~~ ready to find a norm somewhere in these new rooms. I tell you what though, the roses that bloom in the garden here are beautiful (as you can see) , here in mid November they aren’t stopping! xoxoxo

      • The roses look beautiful. I can see the green hedge out the window, it looks nice. Jen, Emma and Abelene does sound like the three musketeers or a new musical group.

        Love, Wendy xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

    • Thank you Kieran. I just sewed on the buttons to my eldest niece’s cardigan which was almost finished just before the fire, so, now that the Autumn Sweaters are officially finished, hopefully I can start a new thing. thank you for being here ~~ xx

  4. My dear Jen, you are always in my mind! and I am so thankful and glad to see, you are trying to make an new place to yours for a while!
    as mentioned already, the wooden table glimse like it had been yours since times, with those gorgeous roses placed on this little cloth, which looks for me like so personally yours.
    ever again: wishing you stenght and power to go through this thursty times, until you will finially start rebuilding your home!
    I am so thankful and happy about the help, friends are able to give and support you, as it isn´t possible for me, because of being so far away…..
    …… and as Terry wrote, Bach is perfect for healing and recreation! His music is like being wrapped in a cozy blanket, in deep faith, everything will turn into its best! … and yes, I love to sing his oratorios f.e. (in german – lol) now the time comes to dive into the christmas oratorios! Pablo Casals, the “one and only” cello player, started his daily exercises by playing Bach! a live long.
    from cold and wet Hamburg, hearty greetings, yours Petra

    • Hello my dear dear Petra! We are sisters in transitory times this year, aren’t we? That table is on loan from a friend here in town, and the roses grow so well down here in the valley . Bach, yes, the best of the best! I use to love to listen to the violin solos, and piano inventions, and I also once upon a time loved to listen to Casals play the cello suites! Thank you for reminding me, perhaps when we get a stereo system…lol… nothing now. Silence seems to follow me around lately, but I do love it that way, especially now. xx

  5. Oh Jen, Would love to visit for a cup of tea. And would also like to know where I too could get an Abelene. I missed that post earlier this year, and have always wanted a dress form.
    Hugs to you. Hope to see you soon.!

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