Each Day In Autumn

jenjoycedesign©vineyard after harvest

Emma and I have been out walking (and I knitting while walking) everyday this Autumn so far, and plan to walk everyday for the remainder of Autumn, bringing camera and sharing photos often here and celebrate the best time of year !  Harvest is in process, finished in this particular vineyard a stone’s throw from where we live. We passed it along our forest paths near by.  Then Emma spied a big yellow fungus !!!


jenjoycedesign©fungus in woods

On through hilly & hollow lands we walk….


And with fragrances abound, Emma follows her nose rapturously…jenjoycedesign©wandering2



And just around this bend (from the opposite direction of last hike posted) we end up back home …

jenjoycedesign©almost home

8 thoughts on “Each Day In Autumn

    • No way… you got rain down there in the town? UP here on our mountain not a drop (( yet )) , but the wind is picking up… so maybe it’s on it’s way ! Maybe when you come home from work you’ll get another storm ! 🙂

      • I think it was a bit of a momentary burst. A wandering cloud that just couldn’t hold it any longer. Looks like the clouds are wandering east. …..gotta get home though and cover the splitter!

        • There’s thunder in the distance, and the wind is kicking up… Emma got up and came over and laid by me… she’s wary. I think the storm is coming, get thee home ! xx

  1. I think that we got your rain and everyone else’s! It’s been making up for lost time. I love going on your walk and just think I can do it in my jammies!!

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