meet Juno . . .

Juno is nine weeks old, and came home with us today. She is swiftly jump-starting my life, keeping me busy every minute, and as we’ve all three had a very big day, it is naptime! I am so glad we found her, it was fate, my heart is full. In Greek mythology Juno was the wife of Jupiter and symbolizes undying loyalty. And, did you know also that Juno is a very large asteroid which orbits in our solar system between Mars and Jupiter? But mostly she’s our puppy who’s just arrived here on our mountain, a wild place which will grow with her to be a paradise anew! :puppy woof:

32 thoughts on “meet Juno . . .

  1. 😭 I am about to cry. Beautiful girl. Beautiful name. May you have a long happy life with your new baby. I would knit baby booties for her but that would just be silly. Know that the intent is there. Weeeee!!! ❤️❤️❤️

    • Virginia, where do I start? We had been casually looking for a couple of weeks, and I seemed to have given up, and then BAM, she seemed to descend into our happy home space. I have a long list of how I want to do things (both differenty and the same, from when Emma was a pup) and one of them was to not delay with the baths, so Juno got her first bath an hour ago (me in the big tub with her) which she didn’t like but seemed to love getting dried off and then laying out on the hot deck until she was a hot ball of pup, then it was lunchtime. I’ve got my schedule all mapped out for me for the remainder of spring and summer, not expecting it to let up at all until maybe mellower months of Autumn. So yeah, she’s loving your spirit booties already, ripped ’em to loving shreds! Thank you for being in our lives up here, so well and firmly stood in your part of the world, felt in ours. :heart: xx

  2. Wonderful, Jen! Congrats on so much joy and harpunens Little Juno will bring to your house. The sweetness of puppy kisses is great and a walking friend is really great!
    Our Sigge is 19 months by now, super fun experience.

    • Yvonne, now that our lives are brimming up with puppies, it will be just as you say, more walking, and constant companion of a fur child, life is much improved. Thank you for appearing with your much appreciated comments of praise and encouragement! xx

  3. Bravo Jenjoice! Je suis votre blog depuis longtemps, je l’apprécié beaucoup!!
    Malheureusement,je ne parle pas anglais,sinon,je raconterais avec plaisir vos modèles de tricot!
    J’habite en Bretagne,en France,et nous avons en commun l’Amour de la laine et de la nature.
    Très bonne journee🐦🌼

    • Bonjour Annie ! Merci ! (via google translate je parle français, voila!)
      Je suis vraiment content que vous ayez dit bonjour, et j’espère que vous continuerez à dire ce que vous voulez en français, et je traduirai en anglais, pas de problème du tout. xx

    • Ah Maureen, thank you so very much. I feel so uplifted and distracted, and so much attention to the happy simple straight and narrow will do us wonderul good. Love to you, xx

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