Cafe Knitting

jenjoycedesign© knitting-at-oakville-grocery

Over the weekend I visited the Oakville Grocery for a pause of knitting and a cup of artisan dark roast coffee, and was lucky to get my favorite bench in the shade outside.  Here nearly finished with the last of the  Lincoln Street sleeveless tops I have been knitting for weeks, and having had to knit Miss Fifteen’s over a second time.  It is perfect timing for Miss Fifteen was in a big summer musical production of Mary Poppins,  rehearsing six weeks out of her summer vacation, and the show was this last weekend.  The performance was great, but now that its over, this means finally we can have our long-awaited Summer photo shoot, so next post you will see them on the actual Lincoln Street modelling the design I released earlier this month.

But after this photo shoot, the days are few before Miss Eighteen leaves for college, and things will just be changing like crazy. We might get our foundation to the house started this Autumn as well, but still all of that is up in the air.  I will be distracting myself while ascending again into another pattern writing frenzy,  one which I have been anxious to get to for several months.  It will involve a lot of knitting while walking through the late summer, up early chasing the morning dew as it evaporates into the droning heat of August.  And so I guess these few blissful morning pauses of coffee at the Oakville Grocery must be savored as they come. I hope you all are finding your moments of bliss too!

blue things

jenjoycedesign© cappuccino and knitting
In the last weeks I’ve been  frequently knitting at the Oakville Grocery cafe to quell life’s blues.  Just a quiet little deli & espresso place on the highway with vineyard views in all directions,  and with picnic benches in the back where I can bathe in the morning winter sun while making progress toward the  finish of a new pattern.  And Emma and I are getting out a little bit for (mostly short) walks on the ridge.

Although it appears the walk up the ridge has lost it’s charm completely, I am trying to embrace it, hoping for better days ahead and the mysterious healing power of Spring.  Other blues:  An intensely blue sky over Oakville on Sunday.  A blue balloon descended from the sky, tangled in the woods,  omen-like.   My blue knitting bag hung on a burned branch while walking up the ridge.  Need I mention the blue knitting with cappuccino?   I would like to see some blue wildflowers soon. Oh but hey, the vernal equinox is only a week away!

Footsteps 4

jenjoycedesign© cafe sock-knitting

I have been enjoying the cafe culture lately, here with my favorite afternoon treat outside on the patio, a cafe latte & and knitting upvalley, stopping off at St Helena Coffee Roastery on my way home from Calistoga last Friday, after photographing my nieces in their Spring Tees 2017

The days are blissful here on the mountain, with brief spells of sun transitioning back to grey & wintery.  Rain, fog and lingering cool air, as if the season doesn’t really want quite yet to get balmy yet (which I’m fine with), and I am rising above all that oppresses me!

jenjoycedesign© Wild Wool with Ripples Crafts

jenjoycedesign© Wild Wool Country Socks with Ripples Sock Yarn

Still, there are explosions of wildflowers beginning to bloom~~ lupine, clover, paintbrush, poppies, brodea, iris ~~ all heralding the Spring season,  regardless of the reluctant temperatures.  I have wrapped up a lot of epic knitting projects in recent weeks, while kicking off new big BIG design conceptions,  and yet more socks keep coming off the needles. These were such a pleasure, knit with such color that I couldn’t be the least bit gloomy when knitting them!

Pattern: Wild Wool Trail Socks in the ‘Country Sock’ variation.

Yarn: Ripples Crafts Hand-dyed Yarns, in   Reliable Sock, in “Assynt Storms” colorway. Note: I highly recommend this sock yarn, for it is really beautiful yarn to knit with, and dying is exceptional with no muddy spots, all pure blends of colors, sparkling, and with quick color transition.

Details on Ravelry HERE.