(not so) Grey Days

jenjoycedesign© Oakville-grocery2

Knitting while enjoying some amazing coffee, at the Oakville Grocery , once a very small-town grocery just a blink along Highway 29,  and now a roaring tourist stop with coffee bar & deli for those on their way upvalley.   For me it is just off the Oakville Grade, when I come down off the mountain, one of my ‘going out’ places,  and usually by myself.   Lots of being by myself lately, as my days are in limbo and I prefer to sit alone on one of the outside tables like this to knit and ponder with yarn and a coffee connoisseur’s cuppa.

Oh, but about the knitting.   I am in the midst of knitting a pile of prototypes, some made with Isager Tweed (previously posted in yarn tasting) , and some with other wonderful tweedy yarns, and I can only hope that I will surface with some evidence soon, nearer to the point when my pattern is ready.  I am in no rush and presently can not set a lot of expectations upon myself.  I am a snail in the race against nothing.

jenjoycedesign© tweed socks

tweed sock

I just felt like checking in, and  mention that it’s been like spring around here, and while I am under the impression that it is   suppose to be winter,   these oppressive blue skies and warm afternoons since late January are rather frightful.   I only  want nourishing rain  and dark grey skies.

Bring it on rain clouds …

♣     ♣     ♣

Most of you know that I have a deep intrigue in films about old mills, and traditions of textile crafts, and especially traditions of weaving.  Here is one I found that shows traditional Korean Ramie weaving.  It seems so like linen but processed completely different. I am so in awe of the older more simplistic methods. It seems the more simple, the more elegant the cloth …

10 thoughts on “(not so) Grey Days

    • Our PGE is suppose to get hooked up today (cutting trees as not to endanger the power lines they fell a tree ON our line, and we’ve been out since the fire up on the mountain.) As my garden is mostly not burned, I am looking forward to having water now( electric needed to run the pump) and I can go to the nursery and get lettuces tomorrow and plant them this weekend! Yay!

  1. Honestly, I don’t know how you find so many intriguing things. Your site is like a little liberal arts university. So that makes you what? I know…a Yoda. I, too, love grey skies and rain. I shrivel without an equal measure of sun and clouds. Love the mitts and the yarn.

    • Taddy, now that you say that, I feel even more inspired to dig in Youtube for more educational videos made. Oh the weather here is just insane, come onnnn…. lets have winter shall we?

  2. Beautiful! Gorgeous color and yarn!
    Do you think this yarn is fine for socks? Is it strong enough for daily sock use, or just for cosy relaxing?

    Want to send you Californian girls a hint of the marvelous winter weather we had this week ( while I had been sitting in my college courses all day): blue sky (! great for us here – lol – a week without grey shades) and frost! 14°F to max 34°F! Fantastic! It was such a pleasure, going for a walk every day, enjoying this crispy fresh air!

    Jen I would love to sit around with you in your cafe, knitting socks and say each other: life is good ❤

    • Oh my dear Petra, I did forget to say Life Is Good, if not just for you… we two are coping with change and moving on, having hardly a choice.
      I must say, sock yarn is always best for socks, but I wanted to prototype these socks in something elegant and tweedy, as I will also Rowan Felted Tweed, but the knitter knows how to knit the pattern with their favorite. I hope you stock up on some fingering and/or sport-dk weight for these socks. Soldier on through the sunshine ‘chen’ …. xx

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