blue things

jenjoycedesign© cappuccino and knitting
In the last weeks I’ve been  frequently knitting at the Oakville Grocery cafe to quell life’s blues.  Just a quiet little deli & espresso place on the highway with vineyard views in all directions,  and with picnic benches in the back where I can bathe in the morning winter sun while making progress toward the  finish of a new pattern.  And Emma and I are getting out a little bit for (mostly short) walks on the ridge.

Although it appears the walk up the ridge has lost it’s charm completely, I am trying to embrace it, hoping for better days ahead and the mysterious healing power of Spring.  Other blues:  An intensely blue sky over Oakville on Sunday.  A blue balloon descended from the sky, tangled in the woods,  omen-like.   My blue knitting bag hung on a burned branch while walking up the ridge.  Need I mention the blue knitting with cappuccino?   I would like to see some blue wildflowers soon. Oh but hey, the vernal equinox is only a week away!

10 thoughts on “blue things

  1. I love the blue of your knitting and the cappuccino looks very tempting 🙂 There is a pretty pattern developing in your knitting too ❤
    I hope you see signs of new life up in the woods soon 🍃 🌼

    • Tracey, I am keeping myself busy and distracted with the pile of knitting, and yes, there are new shoots everywhere in the woods, and I will be surprised I am sure, at nature’s powerful coming back to balance. xx

  2. I am so sorry the county is causing issues with building. I hope things get sorted out quickly and things can progress.

    Your knitting is beautiful and the cappuccino looks delicious.

    Sending lots of hugs your way.

    • I’ve discovered the beauty in the cafe’s , it brings me back to my younger days, which i do enjoy and I get a chance sometimes to forget what is desperately sad… and the perspectives are essential! I wish you were there every time, sharing a cappuccino and knitting with me! xx

    • Anina, thank you for saying hi. I looked up Fremont Star lilies, and they appear to be much like the native indian soap plant. (?) The wildflowers are definitely starting up, lots of blue in the lupine, and unknowns. x

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