Early Light

jenjoycedesign© light & shadow 2

Large patches of trees not burned in their crowns, giving a flooding sense of hope.

This morning as I was taking pen into hand to write my morning journal entry,  I noticed a warm orange glow cast from the sunrise, and giving an intense beauty into the forest. Early morning light sure does give me perspective, and so I grabbed my camera and just looked about.

jenjoycedesign© light & shadow 1.JPG

My life hasn’t felt very photogenic lately,  so capturing these images suddenly lifts me a little.  It seems always less the subject, and nearly all the light, which makes or breaks a photograph.   And as I have been feeling so overwhelmed with being uprooted during this crazy shuffling about, now seven & 1/2 months since the wildfire, this morning’s sunrise brings a delicate understanding of how both expectation & impatience are troubling me.

As I write this a very big and ominously black raven lands just outside the picture window, on the roof of the little shed next to Tiny House, and seems to be inspecting something. I love the ravens, I am so happy they weren’t away long. The wildlife is indeed more scarce since the fire, but seems to be slowly populating this lonely wood. I have felt thrown out of synchronization with the wild for what is half a year before we moved our Tiny House up here, and I realize this morning that I missed out on a full half rotation around the sun, from 10th of October last year to the 1st of May, being away from this place.  That is a long time for a hermit (merely a soft kind word for agoraphobic) .  I must just … b r e a t h e….. now back up on the mountain. Breathe it in!   This month of May has been such work learning to live and operate inside of a small space. A really small space, and still doing without so much that makes the experience more like camping … as though my ‘real life’ is still on hold.

But life is not on hold,  must forget how life once seemed, and open my eyes to the reality of being here, and now, and this could be as good as it gets.  Still , my knitting design which has been seriously ergonomically tampered with,  nothing in a neat orderly space, but in boxes, here and there, is going to hibernate a spell while we go through more harrowing experience with the demands of the county, which in the end may prove an ironic and impossible situation for rebuilding.

I strive to be happy for what I have.   Namely, my charcoal forest, and sense of place…. the ones I love, and this Tiny House.    I guess I just need more time, figuring my way forward, thinking about what matters. Life is so short, and I feel each day which slips by that even the rhythm of work of my knitting design has become distortingly hazy.   I find I am caught in a sort of reflection of life up to the fire, and am wanting to set in motion the way forward, but frozen peering into that reflection.

jenjoycedesign© reflection

Early morning reflection from window of tiny house.

Life is difficult often, but good,  and everything in its place.


9 thoughts on “Early Light

  1. Jen, your reflections are those of a beautiful mind. Wildlife is slowly returning to restart
    and you have innumerable worries before yours turn into everyday matters again.
    I wish wish wish you keep your good spirit and gain strenghth from your surroundings no matter what they look like. Love to you and Jeff
    from me/ Yvonne in Sweden

    • Yvonne, thank you for your words of encouragement, and appears everyone following you merely echoes your thoughts.
      This stressful year will come to fruition with a house-in-progress I am confident. Other worries, that we will have to give up and move elsewhere again, are probably not worth entertaining. Its the county fire codes which are forcing us to improve the half mile drive up to our house, which is the big worrysome thing right now, as it will cost so much. The wild & wild life is dependably resilient. I believe I am also, because I am afterall, wild too ~~ xx

  2. Morning Sweet Girl. All I can do is echo the eloquence of Yvonne. Good spirits and strength are the very best wishes. Ravenhill will “be” again. They’ll make certain of it. Sending you lots of love. xo

  3. Jen, so do I, going and echoing with the previous posts!
    Thanks for sharing such private thoughts, and giving us a peek of your experiences.
    Trying to imagine your feelings, and love sending you (again and again and never enough) best wishes and needed strength.
    Enjoy flora and fauna , in your garden and the woods,
    xx Petra

    • Petra, danke, schon. Like your big change in the last year, I will strive to not give in to sadness and worry. You being a mom has made you an excellent role model for your gentle sons. I want to be like you when I grow up ~ xx

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