Maiya’ kma, the pattern.

jenjoycedesign© Maiya' kma Felted Wool Bags

Since posting the other day The Genius Of The Place  all about the inspiration behind my wool bag & basket collection,  I have managed to simplify everything, get the pattern finished and photographed the groupings.

_jenjoycedesign© Maiya' kma basket 2

And so what that means is…

Maiya’ Kma Wool Basket & Bag collection is live!

On Ravelry HERE.

jenjoycedesign© Maiya' Kma bags


8 thoughts on “Maiya’ kma, the pattern.

    • Thanks Wen, there are more samples to come. I just wanted to get the pattern off and running, now I can relax and just knit um… nesting baskets anybody? lol.
      I hope you’re enjoying your Maiya’ kma too. 🙂

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