Golden Fields Lace Pattern!

jenjoycedesign© golden fields stole 2

Golden Fields Lace.

A tribute to the golden rolling hills of the landscape I live in.


Photo from archives: Fields of Gold

Wild Oat “glumes” (see Anatomy of a Grass) sway back and forth in a golden field of lace, waving & rippling along in the warm breeze…

jenjoycedesign© detail 2
A traditional grains motif in an all-over pattern that is simple as it is beautiful, and so easy to knit!  Borders of garter stitch, soft scalloped edges at top and bottom, straight sides, and everything in between is from one simple Golden Fields chart.

jenjoycedesign©out in Autum(archives)

Photo from the archives: Out Walking In Autumn

Pattern includes three styles: Stole, cowl, and square shawl with four sizes each style!

Here Golden Fields is shown in stole.

jenjoycedesign© golden fields stole 12


Photo from archives: Waning Summer

A few weeks back I did test-knit the cowl, and posted here . The cowl and stole will be really fun for me to knit over many times I think, especially with more samples of different Unspun yarns as I can come up with, as this one was knit with yarn I made and posted here.

jenjoycedesign© golden fields stole 19
jenjoycedesign© golden fields stole 4

Pattern is now live on Ravelry HERE!

Now please go check it out and get started on your Golden Fields, just in time for a truly wonderful gift to yourself or a very deserving loved one for the holidays & beyond!


Photo from the archives: Mountain Knitting

Abelene asked me if she could say something, so I will close with her note.

Hi everyone, its me Abelene!

It was a thrill to model Jen’s new lace design in my future house!  A thrill I tell you!  Jen carried me up a ladder to the second story under the rafters, and positioned me in a way where one only saw a small finished area in the house, but really there were tarps flapping and wind blowing through and it was so very cold but very very exciting!  Besides, I was bundled up warm in Golden Fields stole, so feeling no goosebumps. In the photo below,  Jen stepped back only about 6 feet, and you can see the mess and chaos of building, but it is coming along swiftly. Jen and I are both just over the moon.

Ta ta,
xx Abelene

jenjoycedesign© behind the scene 2

23 thoughts on “Golden Fields Lace Pattern!

  1. Simply stunning.
    And what joy to see your house going up.
    I can’t believe that I am taking deep breaths on seeing this…
    I hadn’t realised the extent to which I was traveling along with you.
    Gorgeous design!

    • Thank you Tracy, I am very charged up presently, and want to make up for lost time. Well, truthfully, time was not lost, I was working through other dimensions. xx

  2. Oh Jen, this is so beautiful! The color is also just perfect, I can see why you were willing to put so much work into ‘unspinning’ it. It inspired me to order some fine merino tops to see if I can’t blend and spin something that matches the ‘golden fields’ that we see here in the north of Italy at the end of Summer :).

    • Bonnie, thank you so much! Unspun yarn is a lot of work, that is for sure, but I am so glad mostly that I managed to finish the actual knitting in time. Honored you are going all out and spinning up some lace weight for the golden fields of Italy! xx

    • Sarah, your knitting Golden Fields ahead of the pattern submission was very great, and I love your finished cowl, with beautiful handspun, thank you again and again! Abelene is back in the shed, but we both got pretty excited waiting for the time we get to move in the new house. Next year at this time we’ll be thoroughly ‘ back home ‘. I sigh great calm sighs just to think of it! xx

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