Anatomy of a grass.


Oh look !  Inner & outer glumes baby,  now that’s what I’m talkin’ about!

What is all this about grass parts?

Well, you’ll just have watch this space to soon see!

6 thoughts on “Anatomy of a grass.

  1. oooooo, its almost there!!! ….and speaking of grasses. Amazing things they are. Just looking at the root systems you can tell how vital it is that they come back quickly after a fire! They hold all the soil from washing away!

    • I think the grass anatomy is fascinating, and I didn’t know they had rhizomes! Our California Oat Grass is just … well… the genius of the field!

    • Right, and there’s all the grasses saying only months after the wildfire…
      ” Fire? What fire? ” All that ash was nectar to the species, and they proliferated like I’ve never seen.

  2. Glad to hear you have grass growing again. It always makes me happy to see green agsin in spring after a long cold winter and lots of snow and freezing rain. So yes, I understand your joy. Its so gloomy seeing nothing but muck for months. And I know after the fire there was little but sooty ground to see or walk on.

    • Actually Sheila, the grass was prolific this spring & summer, and did not seem to be ‘injured’ by the wildfire of last Autumn. But there are bad burn spots too, which don’t have much grass either.
      I’m nearly ready to not say ‘fire’ for a while.. California’s new four-letter-word starting with an “f”. lol!

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