Wrapping it up.

Road and house construction side by side.

Quite literally, many things here are getting wrapped up, so to speak.  The biggest and most important of course, is our house,  and the timberframe is swiftly becoming enclosed, that is wrapped, while road construction is making great progress too as dumptruck after dumptruck of base gravel makes its way up the mountain from the quarry. 

Secondly I am about to close in on the last quarter mile of 880 yards of  Unspun yarn I made in the end of October. In fact, I have been putting together a lace stole & cowl design using this yarn, and the pattern is all ready but for the finish photo, all awaiting on the speed which I can wrap up this project!  I am hoping for it to be ready by the end of this week, and then there will be a lovely simple & satisfying lace pattern available for holiday knitting! 


Next we’re wrapping up November, with only four more days to it, then its already December and the big wrapping up of 2018!  I tell you, in the recent couple of weeks I’ve had a transformation in attitude; I am no longer feeling sad and sorry for myself, but really excited, and my panic episodes calming, as the tide changes to feeling abundance and gratitude coming my way.   Its been a difficult year since last November,  but I am so very excited for 2019 at last, with all that it promises.  And until then I am loving the loud rumbling of road-making machinery, merged into the cacophony of air compressors, nail guns, and hammers, so while so much excitement is here at last, I want to enjoy every moment! I just know that in a blink the day is going to come when we migrate from this tiny house 500 feet up the road into our new rebuilt house. I am very content for life as it is, knowing that time will be here most certainly by the coming of next summer solstice. 

In closing, over the Thanksgiving holiday the rain came in a big way, wrapping up another epic dry season, transforming the dry moss into lush moss, life drinking it in, miniature rain forests growing thick carpets on the wood and rocks, and bringing a verdant mood to things. Loving that and giving thanks indeed.  

9 thoughts on “Wrapping it up.

  1. How thrilling to see your house taking shape. I love your lace cowl and stole, they both look gorgeous. Sending lots of positive thoughts your way. 🙂

    • Thank you Wen, for knitting the new lace design and encouragement on all fronts. I’m hoping to finish the stole today or tomorrow, and ready to go live by December!

  2. Wonderful words, Jen. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, feelings and fantastic images.
    Best wishes and enjoyment listening to nailguns and raindrops,
    xx Petra

    • Petra! Chen! Well, now that the rain is here, in gushes, as we live in a watershed area, there are problems with the road-in-progress washing out as they are making it, and the house stays under a tarp for some days now, gathering water puddles on the subfloor, and well… still, I’m grateful as can be, so excited, and feel Life Is Good ! I hope you’re feeling lovely as you are, xx

    • Thank you Sarah! It does look rather big, but a ‘cabin’ to most folks floor plan ( 1500 sq ft) and yet, its open and roomy, with everything open inside, very few enclosed rooms. I can’t wait to live in it and set up my blending board, and spinning wheel, all which have been biding the time in The Shed along with a lot of other stuff. Here in the Tiny House, we’re stumbling over shoes, etc. Life is good, no complaints whatsoever! Hey, I was thinking the other day, maybe if we don’t sell our Tiny House, to make it into some kind of business thing. Pondering that! xx

      • 1500 square feet sounds like a lovely size!!! Especially well laid out, which I know it will be!

        Tiny house business… hmmm! That opens up the possibilities. A weaving and dyeing studio?

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