The events of the day…


Emma has gotten herself somehow mysteriously injured, and has been hobbling about for a day and a half.  I suspect she may have slipped and fallen on the stairs while we were away at a neighbor’s for dinner on Saturday, because Sunday she just could not move hardly at all.  Today she is a little better, at least been able to walk a little ways although very stiff and sore, far beyond her normal senior-dog arthritis.


Emma sleeps in our bedroom upstairs, but in recent months she has been getting very unsure of herself on the stairs and has been needing help up and down because of the slippery hard-wood surface. Last weekend I cut up a big old rug for the turning area of the stairs, which helped a lot for that was where she was slipping the most, but the straight sections were still needing to be covered–insert Emma’s injury Saturday evening.  So Sunday morning I went into town and I bought a smattering of small throw rugs, sewed them end-to-end to make runners, cut more rug matting, and created a patchwork of rugs on the whole stairway, which is now very cluttered, and a bit odd, but no longer slippery.

I was so worried last night I slept on the couch downstairs next to her to give her moral support, and joy of joys, today she is much better and at least able to walk around a little outside but won’t be able to climb the stairs for a while yet. Wish her well,  she’s looking up, and I’ll give her a good pet from all of you.

Knitting Track News: I have measured with this wheel the feet distance of the whole knitting track.  The actual ‘track’  is a sloppy figure-eight looping through woods very near our house, total of 1448 feet. Not a big deal, I know , but as the track itself is over 1/4 mile around, so three times around the track plus the walk to and from the track is 1 mile…. and folks, that is not nothing ! 5x is 1.5 miles, 7x is 2 miles, you get the idea.   Just think of the knitting I can accomplish while working up a sweat!

144 finished feet done & dusted, about 1300 feet to go. I did about 60 feet just today, and I’m tired! For now it may seem perpetually under construction, but one day I will be finished and it will be a great accomplishment !!

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18 thoughts on “The events of the day…

  1. I love those funky stairs! Give Miss Emma hugs and kisses for me. That walking meter is a GREAT idea. Love it! Who needs a Fitbit!

    • Hugs given , (and aspirin too, as vet says that is okay) . I hope to get another hundred feet of trail finished this week, which is forecast not to rain.

  2. Awhhh… sweet Emma. Love the rugs. I need to do the same for our Jane as I’ve taken to sleeping downstairs on the couch with her in recent months. I wish I could come over and help on the knitting track. That’s going to be great!

  3. sending ear skritches for emma. i love the path you made for her, and the path you’re making for you, too! broke my wrist last week, and my partner has been jerry-rigging the house too, to help me navigate one-handed. kindness when it’s really needed is so sweet. 🙂

    • Laine, some ear skritches to you from Emma and I for your poor broken wrist! That is cool your partner is rigging the place for you, how heart-warming really.

      I will send the ear skritches straight to Emma and tell her they’re from you. Hey, good news is that we helped her up the stairs last night for bed, and down this morning and the rugs really help, and she is getting so much better this morning, nearly back to normal, which is a great improvement on status quo.

  4. Just read this, sorry that Emma’s been suffering but glad to hear she’s on the mend. It’s worrying when you know there’s something wrong and they can’t tell you exactly what isn’t it. Very imaginative rug solution, I love it!

    • Good News is that Emma is back to normal, and walking a little with me. She and I are heading out to the Knitting Track shortly….
      Thanks for your concern xx

  5. Oh , Hi to you ladies in the woods! And so pleased to hear it is so much better now.
    Anyway, your stair creation looks great, what splendid idea you had.
    (My friend, she has all those horses, is using homeopathic remedies for her Pets. Must be as perfect as for ourselves)
    Stay well and (although you are in the unbelievable / shocking Trump era now) LIFE IS GOOD, especially in your woods xoxo

    • Petra my wonderful knitting freundin! Well, we are fine way up and out of the fray in the mountains of Northern California. In the wake of the election, I am a bit heavy-hearted today, but in spite of the political ‘perfect storm’ life will be good again soon, and I will put my best faith in America’s resilience. xx

      • Yes ❤
        Sorry for picking up this clue, but we here in Germany are really shocked, cause surrounded by Putin and Erdogan! ( That should have been crazy enough) everybody is discussing your election here, and all news or tv documantal films are about that!
        Be happy about your wonderful place, you are living, with lovely family ( including Emma!)
        Sending you friendship hugs, Petra

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