In the golden rolling hills of California.

Photo from the archives:  Fields of Gold

I was listening to an eerily beautiful song “Redtail Hawk”  the other day, and remembering fondly my walks and wildlife before the wildfire. There was a pair of redtail hawks I use to see, often times I would go up the ridge, and sometimes one or both of them would fly right over me, as if to say ” hello! ” as they decended down into the grassy rocky meadow in the photo. It was in fact,  in those tall fir trees at the left in the photo,  where they would almost always land.  Perhaps in those trees was their nest, or at least a perching place to survey, and I hate to say but those particular trees did not survive the wildfire.

I should mention that the redtail hawk is as much a part of the golden fields of California as the grass itself,  because of their main diet, the bounty of field rodents which live in and among the swaying grasses. I haven’t seen this pair of hawks nor heard their wavering lonesome screech since moving back up on the mountain into our Tiny House in May,  but I am hopeful they will return, maybe they already have.  If you are interested in these things, you can listen to the Redtail Hawk’s cry,  but I’ll close by sharing with you the song, I hope you enjoy.  Oh, and very soon all this golden grassy genius of the place will come together in a new design I can’t wait to show you, so stay tuned!

Redtail Hawk –  Kate Wolf

The redtail hawk writes songs across the sky
There’s music in the waters flowing by
And you can hear a song each time the wind sighs
In the golden rolling hills of California
It’s been so long love since you said goodbye
My cabin’s been as lonesome as a cry
There’s comfort in the clouds drifting by
In the golden rolling hills of California
A neighbor came today to lend a hand
As I fixed the road as best as I can
It’s just something that needs another’s hand
In the golden rolling hills of California
In the golden rolling hills of California
The redtail hawk writes songs across the sky
There’s music in the waters flowing by
And you can hear a song each time the wind sighs
In the golden rolling hills of California
In the golden rolling hills of California

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7 thoughts on “In the golden rolling hills of California.

  1. Jen, I’ve had similar experience over many years with turkey vultures sailing effortlessly on the thermals, coming down close over my head and then floating away again. So many times this happened in that period of time that I gave the birds a girl’s name. And then eventually the name and the birds faded away to a dim memory.

    Nowadays, the TVs have abandoned me to be replaced by feelings more tangible. And so life continues with joy and new passions.

    Wishing you, Jeff, and your family a wonderful musical Christmas

    • Ben, what a lovely imagery of the lost vulture lassie you knew! Once in a Sierra lakeside ( you know these ) a bluebird landed on Jeff’s leg and started to peck at his bright brass belt buckle! Once a vulture lassie (maybe related to yours, maybe the same named one) landed on our roof a few years ago, and was very entertained looking in through the skylights for most of the afternoon, as I waved and took photos. Wildlife is hugely a blessing when it comes near to us, isn’t it! Makes our lives totally charmed.
      Tv… you had a tv? Can’t imagine your violin would have ever tolerated that. 🙂

        • Thank you so much, and Happy Holidays your way too. No, no television for me forever.. I just meant tv=turkey vulture. BTW it’s been an amazing year for me with the highest highs and the lowest lows. Such is life.

          Your home being rebuilt is one of my highs. xoxo Ben

          • I didn’t catch that ‘tv’…lol. I didn’t think you had a tv either, so I thought it odd. I don’t ever do well speaking in abbrev’s. I am so sorry to hear about your difficult year… I guess that makes us birds of a feather. Spill out in the box here, if you like. HUGS to heal.

            • The lowest? Losing a dear friend, a colleague who was only 50 yrs. old.. younger than you. The MDs botched it completely. He was gone in just a few months. Still in shock. And one of my sisters was very ill for a time, now working little by little to regain her lifestyle.

              The highs? Musical, emotional lifts unforeseen and life changing.

              But also as I said, I’m so happy for you and Jeff getting closer to a comfortable house to live in again. So please enjoy every moment of this journey up on your mountain top. Sending you all best wishes.

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