Tall stack o’ neck ganseys!


I’ve been a knitting fool with these Fishermen Neck Ganseys… in two styles;  “St Andrews Harbour” and “Flamborough Cliffs”.  I’ve given an armload of them away for the holiday gifts, but seems there are still a sufficient number left to photograph, and show off some new ones, with the most recent addition to complete the colorway of   stone harbour at dawn …


The herringbone motif with moss panel or cables, including a simplified easy variation that knits up quick, and of which as of today I have a sample with this little silver darling….

Also finished today, the simple variation of Flamborough Cliffs in some Malabrigo Rios…

I am not sure if I am quite through knitting these, as they seem to be a hit with the men (and women) in our family, but with the new year approaching, it really is time for me to set my sights to a new knitterly horizon. I just am really very smitten with these neck ganseys, and so pleased to have this design as my 2016 finale.

Wishing you all a very happy new year!

7 thoughts on “Tall stack o’ neck ganseys!

  1. How lovely of you to knit away, needles of fury, gifts for others. Even a project this size is time and effort. Treat yourself to some luxury yarn and knit one for yourself.

    • Stefanie, how sweet of you to suggest I treat myself! However, one of my new years’ resolutions is to use up much of the hoard of yarn I have, and to do some more crazy overdying, and play with unspinning and replying and all of that. But, now that you say so, I might just have to buy some more! LOL

  2. That is an impressive stack of cozy neck ganseys. The new stitches are lovely too. So many different stitches to chose from.

    Happy New Year Jen.

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