I mentioned in a previous post that  I have a new camera (thanks to Jeff), which means a bit of time will be spent to learn how to use it properly, and to catch up to the photographing mainstream.  I feel a great lack of confidence when it comes to technical things, unless the subject really interests me, then maybe there’s potential… 😉  I have never really learned to use (our last) camera’s settings, having been too impatient, having been always always satisfied with whatever happened with minimal fussing about …


and finally, having dropped it,  (I seem to drop everything!) my recent months of photos were just getting worse.  I now am learning things like ‘depth of field’ which is a new thing to me.  So you might see some bits of non-knitting related things show up here over the course of my learning,  for undoubtedly it will eventually  blossom into the knitting, and hopefully transform the presentation of what I have been working on rather passionately for several years now.


I am no presentation fanatic,  however although I never before paid enough attention to the modes, menus, knobs & dials on the previous camera,  I learned to photograph paying fastidious attention to natural light, and of putting a lot of importance on background. Come to think of it, that perhaps should be the prerequisite to good photos, but now that I can shorten depth of field, (make everything in the background rather fuzzy and unimportant) I will better be able to show clear small details, as in tutorial photos, which is very very nice.  I am a bit taken suddenly by this whole super duper focus aspect of photography.

But okay, this antique door knob is a really great practice object, but then when I get to looking at it closely ….


I see motifs for a tam design, don’t you?

So maybe it is entirely knitting related after all.

2 thoughts on “Image

  1. “”””I see motifs for a tam design, don’t you?””””

    oh yes! please!!! I hope so!! Thank´s to Jeff, for all technical support – and love to see, where your focusing view ends ( means: what pattern ideas sparkling in 2017)

    • Petra, thank you , and yes, Jeff has been slowly getting my equipment up-to-speed with birthdays and christmases, and I seem to only have to study the ‘Nikon Camera For Dummies” book given with the camera to improve. Oh, yes, and I will have to look closely at the door knob to see what I could do with that design! As for the first design of 2017, it will be my magnum opus thus far, and need a lot of work.

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