A new favorite.

jenjoycedesign© a new favorite
I was out walking on the ridge this morning, and missing my favorite old majestic oaks killed in the wildfire, but now finding new ones to admire. I think this one is a new favorite, but I can’t tell from the photo whether it is a blue oak or black oak, both which thrive side-by-side in this tiny micro-landscape of the mountain. Pushing myself further & faster now, focusing on speed up the ridge in the morning, and relaxing knit-walking in the afternoon. I hope to share more of the changing landscape as I’ve decided to take my phone with me every time I go out now, which is a completely new thing. Oh, and I have a knitting & fitness “game” I’ll be sharing soon!

7 thoughts on “A new favorite.

    • Hi Sarah. Well , the knit-walking is getting shifted somewhat, while my focus right now is walking fast (not knitting) up the ridge in the morning. Knit-walking will be the added walks, on the knitting trail, or down to get the mail in the afternoons. I have gotten so badly out of shape in this last year, year of trauma & mourning, so now some basic fitness work from absolutely square one; 3 miles a day will be a real accomplishment!
      If you’re wondering about my little game I’ve been contemplating for well over a year, that will be happening in ‘ the group ‘ very soon , and by the way, I posted a photo of the foundation there on chitty chatty thread there, which is actually one week old so far.
      Thank you so much for your encouragements ~~ xx

      • I understand about being out of shape on the walking thing. i used to walk every day and haven’t in a long time, so I could use a game to get me remotivated!

        I will check out the photo. 😉

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