Out in Autumn (late).

jenjoycedesign© Autumn walk 5

Walking along a foggy path in the late afternoon,  in late Autumn, I observe the season expiring after the heavy rain last week. Everything seems to be falling to the ground, exhausted.  Soon there will be new grass popping up.

jenjoycedesign© Autumn walk 2

The last of the gold leaves wave in the breeze, as if to say “I’m tired, and it is time to go”, and the vines surely have given all their energy growing grapes for 2019 Harvest, and will wait bare until pruning time in late winter,  leaving the trellises standing like soldiers in a winter field.

jenjoycedesign© Autumn walk 4

The stinging needles on the star thistle rot and become harmless, muted into the dull brown grass.

jenjoycedesign© Autumn walk 7

The fog surely lays burden to the spider webs, and even though nature is bedding down, the creatures are stirring.

jenjoycedesign© Autumn walk 8

The oaks are shedding leaves and covering the ground, another layer of compost for the soil,  two years after the wildfire is nothing less than a treasure.

jenjoycedesign© Autumn walk 6

Yet some of what was dormant is now waking up, becoming lush, verdant, alive, as is the story of the moss.

jenjoycedesign© Autumn walk 3.JPG

So near to the solstice, I believe this little foggy outing has put me in the mood for more walking and writing, for it is at these times when I most intensely feel my existence.  Rituals of coffee and chores, punctuated with knitting, walks, short naps, and contemplative writing, are my comfort as I get older.  Peaceful and nearly silent my days tumble over one another, seemingly inconsequential, but if only to witness my landscape as it goes through the seasons.  And I am happy it is so.

9 thoughts on “Out in Autumn (late).

    • You’re a dear Sarah! Even though I write as if to myself, I know there are one or two out there in the internet abyss who actually read. I hope you are snug as a bug in a rug there ~~ the blueberries all done, spent, canned, eaten, and your Winter must be glorious! xx

      • We are snug here.. having a touch of November weather – 2 days of pouring rain and 50 degrees. All snow is gone, but there are still inches of ice in the pool. More snow will come…

  1. “Peaceful and nearly silent my days tumble over one another..” reading that, together with your wonderful photos, is like music to my!
    I went for a wet and rainy walk this morning in a lovely landscape at the outskirts of Hamburg and were astunnished, that it wasn´t quiet! If a city with all it´s traffic is so near, I guess I will hardly find silence like you´re enjoying.

    • Petra*chen, I must give up entire days of silence soon, and begin to put on some music, or something! Your bustling Hamburg is a magic of its own, and famously unique ~~ thank you fur your words, they are treasures xx

    • Aw Virginia, how lovely you read these posts. I guess my ‘book’ will be confined to posts on my blog, which are all about documenting my experiences, thoughts, and of course, my knitting! (oh but I’m trying to make a wee cottage industry for myself too.) Odd it seems, now blogs seem so Old School (as I feel) and the New Thing is video podcasts/vlogs…
      Thank you ! xx

      • …….stay elegant classical, lyrical (and thoughtful if you like to), handcrafty and with gorgeous photos ! we appreciate your classic blog as it is! xoxo

        • Many hugs to you Petra! I was really worried I was falling behind the times, as I am fixated on certain podcasts (Kammebornia!!!) and wish longingly I could do the same. But ok, as you say, I will stay here in my well-worn spot of almost ten years, as a blog. xx

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