Staying Cool

I’m in need of  Cool Blues .

Triple digit temperatures in Northern California !


There’s just something about Emma sprawled out on the floor , sleeping out the heat,  just makes me want to decorate her.

I personally think that yarn towers have magical cooling powers.

27 thoughts on “Staying Cool

    • Hi hen ! Oh, I’m not making anything of *these* yarns… I was just photographing blue for the cooling affect! I know… strange. 🙂

  1. Same here in Idaho, 100, 101, at least we haven’t topped 101 yet this year. Those colors are my favorites also. They are soothing! Love the photography 🙂

    • I’ve decided that blue is my summer color ! I was playing at a party outside upvalley in the late afternoon last Saturday ~~~ 108 degrees !!! Believe it ! I thought I was going to die….

  2. It is hot here too (36c) and going to get hotter. One problem with Spain is that a lot of places do not have a/c. I have been taken siestas every afternoon, and I never nap!
    Lots of ice water and park a fan in front of Emma. 🙂

    • Good advice about Emma, thank you Kay ! We sort of have some air conditioning, but nothing fancy , it still gets hot. I took a Siesta today too!

    • Thanks SO MUCH Lori, for those ocean breezes !!! Here in the woods, there is a tiny breeze, but only ever-so-slight. Often this time of year everything becomes dead still, as though the whole of N.California is sleeping out the heat. So quiet that you can barely hear the thin red skin of bark of the madrone trees cracking and peeling, then falling with a whisper to the ground… its kind of spooky actually, 🙂 xx

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