How to levitate a bathtub . . .

We finally got the bathtub that’s been sitting in the woods  down at the tiny house for over a year, up on to the 2nd story, all ready for the plumber who is coming tomorrow.   We brought it up on a pallet with Jeff’s relic of an old Ford tractor, then we did it just as we had on our first build 15 – 20 years ago; using straps and a come-along tied to a post, to pull the tub up the ramp into the house, then again, tied to a main beam up in the rafters to lift up on to the second story level, and maneuver into bathroom by hand. These photos make it look easy, but there was a  :hellofalotof:  grief involved, and the event completely shattered my day, even though I managed to get a few photos before and after the worst of it.  However, Jeff remained composed, and was on to the next project before I could blink. It is a wonderful little slipper bathtub, and once in its landing pad, I am surprised to see how roomy the space seems! (click 1st photo in mosaic to see slideshow).

I should mention so that there is no confusion if anybody hasn’t been following this epic journey homeward; do see the hyperlinks at the top of the post, and you’ll get the idea. Furthermore, although I was adamant about moving the tools of my trade up into the loft room at the soonest possible date (which was end of June) and it gives the impression that the house is ‘moved into’ , these photos of the bathtub arrival will sober anyone up to the fact that its still a major construction zone, and there is months of work to do before we have it final inspected, which still is an illusive date that I can’t at all even guess at presently.  But, appliances are arriving slowly, one by one everything is going into its place, and life is good.

13 thoughts on “How to levitate a bathtub . . .

  1. That is fantastic!
    Congratulations to you both.
    you are right, of course, it does reveal the work left to do… but that is “process”.
    You are achieving so much.
    Looks so beautiful

  2. Your bathtub is gorgeous. What an amazing feat of ingenuity and strength to get the tub in place. Now I am curious, will you actually be able to use the tub after the plumber leaves today? It would be lovely if you were able to have a good long soak to ease your aching muscles.

    • Oh Wen…. although all the water in the house will be hooked up , the hot water must wait until propane company hooks up, which is waiting on inspection of lines (which have been laid!) I will be just so happy to have any water in the house , totally delighted. Maybe hot water in a week or two… I’ll let you know. xx

    • Sarah, I know, wow, that little thing is HEAVY! The original was a double slipper, which was awesome when my nieces were little , they could take a bath together in it. Needless to say, this is a single slipper, and will use even less water. (and my nieces don’t take baths together anymore 😉

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