Knitters From The World

Fishwives Shoal makes a beautiful appearance in the wild of Sweden,

with Halvyllet’s Fishwives Stola . . .


photo by Halvyllet


photo by Halvyllet

There are some absolutely fantastic finishes of some of Jenjoyce Designs showing up in the Ravelry FO’s feed, and this being one that has inspired me to make a new series of posts on my blog ” Knitters From The World”.  I so appreciate these exceptionally beautiful photos of the knitter in the wild, it touches my heart, thank you Halvyllet!

5 thoughts on “Knitters From The World

  1. Halvyllet’s Fishwives Shoal stole is beautiful. I really love the pattern you created. Also, the historical perspective you shared really adds to the depth of the pattern. I love seeing the connection of knitting used in past eras.

    • Stephanie, what a dear! So far we’ve dodged, and my nieces too, although they live in Middletown, and its under advisory evacuation, I don’t think the fire is going in that direction. Just prayin’. I whole-heartedly hope you don’t have friends or family in the path of the Kincade Fire… xx

  2. Just gorgeous.
    A really lovely fresh rendition of this beautiful pattern.
    How lovely it must be to see something you have dreamt of, translated into an understandable language, and then realised do very far away.
    Congratulations to Halvylett.

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