My mind has wandered down to the chalk coasts of British Isles,  to find the spirit of the sea etched into a landscape assaulted by wind and salt, of the coastal birds, algae stained rocks, crustaceans, seals and shoals of fishes, and dolphins and whales… seeking the blue depths with the promise of life cycling perpetual….to find the masculine and elemental.


It was no surprise that Black Friday found me running into the local yarn shop, searching for colors of wet sand and sea grass and chalky cliffs… and now I’m disappearing into the deep mists of creation for a while, to surface with something sudden & unexpected!

8 thoughts on “Elemental

  1. Oh my goodness ! I had to catch some Information first, to understand what ” black Friday” means 😶
    After all I saw about that in the internet, my dear, I hope you had a relaxed and happy yarn shopping tour! Because your photos and your yarn choice is looking so peaceful and delicate! Makes me nosy, what idea wants to be created ❤

    • Petra my dear, Black Friday is a horrid American thing… I usually avoid going anywhere near the shops and was quite prepared to avoid town for a whole week! Um, but this ‘thing’ came up, and I had to get more yarn!!! 🙂

      • Oh, you mustn’t tell me anything about ” I just have to run quickly, buying some new yarn – NOW !” (LOL)
        What yarn is it ? It looks so nice ! To knit with a US 4 needle ? ( Hey, maybe for the fairisle chart, you showed me once ?)

        • Oh, I should have said what yarn, but it is not so specific. It is however Berroco Ultra Alpaca. Don’t you worry, I will be giving you the test-knitters heads-up before I get too far 🙂

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