Meet lovely Miss Singer. . .

jenjoycedesign© old Singer.JPG

Oh look!    Its the old late-1940’s Singer drop-down sewing machine I was talking about a short while back, that I found last January and bought myself for my birthday.   I was in need of a sewing machine and strangely have been feeling so nostalgic about sewing like the tailors & seamstresses of old days, with naught but a straight stitch.  I dream of hearing the racket of this thing going while industriously I create things of cloth, but right now I am going over the wood with citrus beeswax and sprucing up a little, to move up into the loft.
jenjoycedesign© old Singer 2
I think the bee in my bonnet of a couple of months ago has finally decided to start getting going, and as I got to thinking about what do I want to do with my time when moved in the new house, with a fresh new start.  Besides continuing on my knitting & design, I really think its time I start some quilt projects! I aspire to make another Amish style bed quilt or two, and a pile of throws, but really, just artful & mindful sewing in general. Starting with the little quilty things like table runners, pillows,  and the like.   She’s going to be a beautiful side-table to the bed frame I found last Autumn.  and posted in Four Posts.  Anyway, its going to need a couple of days airing out in the woods to evaporate the strong citrus odor, but soon the lovely Miss Singer will be in place and I will be stitching!

16 thoughts on “Meet lovely Miss Singer. . .

  1. Miss Singer is the twin to the sewing machine I learned on as a teenager. The Singer machine was my mother’s and was purchased new in 1947. I wish that I still had the old machine as it was wonderful.

    I am sure that your Miss Singer will give you many years of sewing pleasure.

    • Wen, thank you for your passing of the torch, it really is good to know that you, such a good friend to me, learned on this machine. I lost my mother’s machine in the wildfire of course, it was a beautiful mid 70’s Elna, and I loved it so much! Right after the fire, I impulsively bought an Elna on ebay, but was disappointed that it wasn’t the same model (how could I have been so dull in the head to have bought a different model???) and a part broke in shipping (although still works well, just a cosmetic thing), so I just was disgruntled with it. However, now that Jeff’s daughter has moved back to Napa, I am so very happy to give that Elna to her, and she is ever so happy to receive it! That now untangles my mind as to what to do to bond with another. I did impulsively buy this old Singer (I must have told you all about it in January, I’m certain) and since it is the only machine I have, and quite old, with only a straight stitch, it just calls me to a more old-world approach to sewing. I will be exploring traditional techniques in tailoring as well as frolic in the quilt making… just a snap when the top is put together with a machine! So happy with Miss Singer. xx

      • How disappointing that the Elna machine wasn’t the same model as the one your mother had. It is great that you were able to give the Elna to Jeff’s daughter and that she appreciates it.

        Yes, you did tell me about your Singer machine from 1947, and I am so happy to finally see a photo of it. Your Singer looks to be in excellent shape.

        One year I made the whole family Christmas Stockings using the Singer machine. The stockings were different, the men’s were a felt slipper attached to a PJ leg with a cuff and the women’s were a curl toed slipper with a bell at the tip, with a harem pant leg in chiffon fabric. The men’s PJ fabric was red, pink and green paisley print that I found in a remnant bin at the local fabric store, Uptown Silk. I saved my baby sitting money to be able to make the stockings as well as fill them.

        I hope that you and your sewing machine have many pleasant hours together.

  2. She is so beautiful! I love her little table. What a find. Mine doesn’t have the table, but although its been through the wars it still putters along with a silken whisper. These ladies are too elegant to clatter! 🙂 xo

    • YOURS is a purring little beauty, in perfect condition. I might have to acquire a new Elna one day, like my mothers, if I ever find it, but for now, this workhorse is fine. xx

  3. My mother use to have a singer sewing machine, she’s let me use it in my teen years which I really liked, it’s certainly different feel to one of those portable home sewing machine.

    • I hope so Gretchen. I have been sewing Jeff shirts every year for Christmas (um, but not since the wildfire) and prefer to finish seams with French seams, and would like to learn felled seam…. in other words, I think a single straight stitch will be fine. Buttonholes I am looking forward to working by hand again, as my machine work with them always looks funky. 🙂 Thank you! xx

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