Highway 29 & Pattern !


My latest design “Highway 29” is named after the  main road running through Napa Valley from Napa to Calistoga. This old highway is dotted with wineries and famous restaurants enough to make you dizzy, plus some added hot-spots where we locals trek to frequently, beginning in the north end of the town of Napa getting sweet around Yountville, then Oakville, Rutherford, St Helena, and continuing clear on up to Calistoga.  As a local, coming down off the mountain from Oakville Grade when I am going upvalley, I often stop at the very unique Oakville Grocery , founded in 1881, just an old rural ‘backroads’ grocers of a bygone era,  is now a highly trafficked stop-off for locals & tourists alike, with an exceptional coffee bar & deli for drinks, gifts & goodies-to-go.  Until recently it doubled as the local post office, now it offers…. um…. wine tasting

I believe my nieces and I were talking about Oakville Grocery & Post being the inspiration of forthcoming Autumn design, and second in the Napa Valley Collection.

After Oakville you pass a bunch of wineries, and then of course, St Helena where I often knit-in-public or meet friends at  Napa Valley Coffee Roasting Company, as its the coffee shops I seem to be most familiar with, loving to knit and visit with friends.  After that it’s a stretch of countryside to Calistoga with places such as Bale Grist Mill, founded in 1846…

a working renovated grain mill which is popular for historic reenactment parties and has old-time live music often (one of the bands is my brother & sister-in-law, my nieces dad & mom) , offers tours & grinds corn to sell. It is in front of the entrance to the Bale Grist Mill where these photos were taken for Highway Halter, on the old wooden fence,

The favorite photo spot in recent couple of years for my nieces is Castello Di Amorosa, a medieval Tuscan castle transplanted stone-by-stone in recent decades…

Ah, but it is  here at ‘ The Castle ‘ where you’ll recognize the stone from merely the carriage house where we actually have many of our photo shoots…


Right off of Hwy 29, this carriage house is at the entrance to the castle gate, erected more recently I think to use some left over stone & brick perhaps, and it houses the ground-keepers tools & provides a place for the chauffeurs to park, and I think some offices devoted to castle business. Here some shots from this spot…

012 - Copy

014 - Copy

032 - Copy

Passing more breathtaking scenery, one finally lands in Calistoga as if by accident.


This is the town from which you may recognize many backdrops to my nieces & my photo shoots.  For example, the left on above photo is Brannans Restaurant,  and right across Lincoln Street is the mint-green bank building we have included many times…

But there are many photo memories of Calistoga and not enough room to post. Anyway, enough of all  of this Highway 29 – turned to- Memory Lane,  and all the treasures found along the way… and now it is time for Highway 29 Halter which I’ve just written a pattern for, and which my nieces do real justice to !     In previous post I talk about the significance of naming the latest design “Highway 29” ,   which really is a possibility to start a collection…. I mean, if I’m going to really go through with it… anyway, my nieces  seem to think we should.  If not the name-sake for the design will stand on its own. We will just have to see what comes.



You can find the pattern for this design on Ravelry HERE .

… or click the Hwy 29 road sign to arrive at the pattern page.

California Highway 29 sign

California Highway 29 road sign in Napa Valley

17 thoughts on “Highway 29 & Pattern !

    • Thanks Stefanie. I’m finally settling down from being way too busy with all this pattern-related stuff, its sort of like I imagine having suddenly a few kids! 😉 lol….

  1. Thanks for sharing this short sightseeing tour through your home area!
    For me it´s like having a tiny little vacation walk with you, watching the spaces surrounding you.
    Beautiful! Just gorgeous! and as we are used to, so great photos!

    • Petra, its as if all my knitting friends are with me when I go up to St Helena or Calistoga to knit & have coffee… yourself included! More to come of this Napa Valley Collection. 🙂

      • Yes, I read about a forthcoming autumn design!
        Inspired by the grocery? What could that be????
        I stay patient :))) while working through all those already planned projects :)))

        • Well, something having to do with Oakville , or Yountville, haven’t decided yet. 🙂 Or St. Helena…lol. Right now I’m casting on for a small child size of Hwy 29, for Jeff’s grand-daughter who is four!

  2. I recognize all the same places, and really love this summer design, it is definitely unusual. Your nieces do an amazing job of modeling! I’m joining in on the California Hwy 29 knit-along.

  3. Thank you so much! Oh yes, the post-office is now a trailer in the back of the grocery, and I still use it to send packages, preferring the scenic drive, coffee sipping, and no lines over the crowded post office in Napa (but that’s my secret). 🙂

  4. I am so looking forward to visiting Napa Valley. Beautiful, and my kind of weather! Oh, and I will visit the yarn shop today. Where are details for your KAL?

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