Sweater Success !

jenjoycedesign©PennyCandyDuo The skies were perfect blue & sunny, and we had a terrific time for photographing Spring Tees 2014 !  This year, the design Penny Candy Tee has made it all the way to a published design, and I managed to get it all up and available in time to post the pattern ~~ right over HERE. What a crescendo, happy beautiful faces, and stellar lighting, with charm that just blew my socks off.  I couldn’t believe my eyes, how much these girls have learned in the skills of modelling knitwear for their auntie. I am even getting a little teary just thinking about it.  But on with the show !

The first always to be photographed is the mint green bank building of Old Town Calistoga . . jenjoycedesign©PennyCandyTees Then we cross Lincoln and shoot against the terra cotta wall outside of Brannon’s Restaurant for our usual series of slightly goofy shots . . . .


Then we go to the corner outside of Hydro Grill.

People were having breakfast inside

watching us through the window seemed intrigued at what was going on just outside…


Last year’s addition , the ‘tree hugging’ shot outside of All Seasons Bistro,

now completes Four Corners, at the intersection of Washington & Lincoln Streets.

jenjoycedesign©PennyCandyTee-treeThen we make our way to the big mural of Old Town Calistoga ! The same poses are great because one can really see how the girls have grown in the years that I’ve been knitting for them (and blogging about it).

jenjoycedesign©PennyCandyTee-mural1 At the end of this post is a big long slideshow, I hope you watch it !

However, as this post is also a pattern debut,  I must say, some lovely detail photos were taken.


Just look how lovely the neckline , with the scalloped neckline & mitered corners looks in these details . . .


And just how the bottom icord edge with scalloped lace pattern works . . .

051 (2) Last not least , the back shoulder, and short rows.

The neck is just low enough in both the front and back. . .

jenjoycedesign©PennyCandyTee-detail Friends & Knitters, you can find the pattern over on it’s own page Penny Candy Tee Pattern page , here on Yarnings. or on Ravelry HERE Plenty to peruse, but, before you click off this page, the best is waiting next in this little slideshow !!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thank you girls, you’re the one’s who made me into the knitter I am, and if it weren’t for you, there’d be no Yarnings. Here on this bench outside of Calistoga Roastery, we closed for the day,095 and I want you to see the first photo taken of them, on this same bench wearing the first cardigans I knit for them!

September 2010

All posts of the Penny Candy Tee in progress HERE

Edit In :  I have rounded up most of the photos of my nieces here in Yarnings over the last four years.  From present retrospect back to the first sweaters I knit for them in March 2010 .  Simply click  :  Sweater Success !

21 thoughts on “Sweater Success !

  1. Such lovely pictures of the girls – looking so grown-up and very sophisticated. I almost had a tear myself and I don’t even know them. I notice only one ice-cream this year. That made me smile.

    The Tees look amazing – and a beautiful fit on both girls. A good job all round.

    • Lizzi I’m teary too…just seeing them grow up and be so adorable makes me well up. I have been so busy putting it all together this last week(s) and I am now going to go around erasing all my chalkboard lists in my knitting loft…lol… get my slates blanked and just chill out. Emma goes to vet… going to do a little gardening (if it doesn’t poor down with more raing)… and well, just catch up on my emails too ! 😉 xx

  2. Fabulous! How wonderful for the girls to have not only the lovely sweaters but these memorable photo series as well.

  3. Well, the tees look even cuter on your beautiful nieces!!!
    What a wonderful idea to take pictures of your knits at the same spots, watching the girls growing into young ladies. Those pictures will be cherished! 🙂
    P.S: I’m knitting…;-)

    • Hello Raymonde, I thank you ! By the way, I’ve just edited in a link at the bottom of the post, to a category of my nieces in the sweater successes past ! 🙂

    • Hi Chooks….thank you so much. Emma is fine…just a routine checkup. I’m having sooo much fun, you know, just doing laundry….. emptying the compost bins (they sort of built up you know) … and just getting stuff done and NOT KNITTING ! 🙂 (withdrawals…omg))

  4. Those tees look lovely, and so do your nieces. I think they are lucky to have you to knit for them, and to model such gorgeous tees! They must love having an auntie that loves to knit and is brilliant at it. I haven’t looked, but wonder, if the pattern is for adults too? I think that would be adorable, and so cute with jeans. You always surprise me with your new ideas, and colors, and combinations, I just love your blog!!!!!

    • Oh yes, the tee runs from size 28 to 42, which would fit up to 44″ nicely. However, I’m considering writing an aumentation about bigger yarns (like sport and dk weight) and getting bigger sizes… what do you think? Thanks so much Martha , as usual, you’re such an encouragement!

      • Oh good. I would need a larger size than teens! But not too large. I think DK weight or sport weight would be an excellent idea. Sorry it took me so long to get back here, finals and the anticipation of finals had me single minded lately. But now classes are done and I can keep up again! Yay! I do love the sweater.

  5. I love, love, love these tee’s!!
    I love, love, love the photos! I got all teary myself. They are so special, those girls!
    I love the photos from years past, I look at them often. Thank you so much for this, Jennifer!

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